The Fitness Games App Review

Disclosure statement: This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

TFG screenshotWelcome to the next generation in fitness apps!  The Fitness Games, or TFG for short, is the only phone app currently on the market that allows you to take real time fitness and make a game out of it.  You can compete in workouts and challenge yourself for your best time.  Or, you can challenge a friend locally or internationally!


This is what your home screen will look like.  You can chose any of the four types of workouts. Let’s say you choose to do cross training today.


Within these individual changes is the options for four ways to challenge plus a workout description and photos on how to do the exercise.




Once you are done your workout, the app will save your times for the next challenge.  tfgstartchal

To make this more fun, you can upload your own selfies, videos of yourself in beastmode (to brag or for feedback).  The more you interact with others, the more fun it will be! How cool is it to challenge an online friend that lives halfway around the globe?

The app is currently available through Itunes and Google Play.

I think this app is on the right track.  The strength and full body sections are more for gym workouts. So if you don’t have a membership or a well equipped home gym (like me) then these sections are pretty much useless.  Currently, the app cannot run in the background of your phone if you have Iphone/IOS. If left in the background, the timer stops.  As a runner, this just does not work. Especially if I have other apps running at the same time.  The creators have listened to us when we asked that this be fixed. This issue has been corrected for Android users and currently in the process of fixing for Iphone. I look forward to trying the running portion again once this is corrected. I was able to use the body-weight workouts as shown above.  Let me tell you, they are killer! I am competitive even with myself. I would have NEVER added in burpees and push-ups in to my own routine.  But knowing that I was going on the record for the above workout, I stuck with it. You know what? I was surprised with the results! It pushed me to try harder and the workout was more effective. I also like that you can keep time within the app. I have yet to challenge anyone. I prefer to workout alone. However, I would accept a running challenge if one came about.  If you decide to try this app, I would love if you friend me! We can compare notes, chat about all things fitness and maybe share some selfies.

What would I like to see added?  Maybe a yoga section. These workouts are no joke.  A section of stretches based on areas of the body would be helpful.

Do you think this review was helpful? Would you be interested in trying this app?


Three cheers for spring!!

I don’t know about you but I am so happy that spring is finally here! It seriously feels like being in the light at the end of a long, cold, dark tunnel that was this winter. This past week has been a blur.  My sleep pattern is out of whack, work is busy and all I want to do when I get home is eat dinner and sleep. This has not worked well with my yoga challenge this month. I have been trying the poses but I couldn’t seem to concentrate or relax enough. So, now I am overwhelmingly behind on posting pictures.  I will have to jump back in on a day and not stress over what was not posted.

Yesterday we had 50* temps and I was jonesing for a run.  I made my way to the lake after work with the intention of going for 3 miles. Since I have not done any running for a few months, I was not expecting a good pace. It was very windy but I pushed through.  After my app told me I had gone the 3 miles, I was feeling so good that I decided to go one more.


                             Feelin’ good

After I finished, I did some yoga right there next to the lake.  When I was younger and saw someone doing the same thing in a park or at the beach, I would think, “What a weirdo!” Now, I get it and I’m the one that is probably being called weird. Hahaha~ But I don’t care. It was so peaceful. Afterward, I felt more relaxed then I  have in a few weeks.

I am LOVING my long sleeve running shirt from Swirlgear.  It is long in the torso and does not ride up.  The sleeves are long too which was helpful yesterday to cover my hands in the cold wind. As the wind chill dropped the temps, I did not feel cold. Even though I was getting sweaty, I still felt dry and comfortable. This is my new favorite go to for chilly runs!  As a brand ambassador, I can offer you free ground shipping on your order.  They released a new line in February and are currently taking pre-orders to ship in May.  You can also get immediate satisfaction and order other items, like my pink long sleeve, and have it in a week or so.  Just use the code Swirlon at check out.

So, how happy are you for spring to be here?

Do you have a favorite warm weather activity that you are eager to get back to?