Don’t let all these Leibsters go to my head



Due to some issues I have been having with social media sites not updating properly to most recent posts, things I am tagged in or things I commented on, I am missing out on some great posts and conversations!  You are also missing out on my comments to your blog because Blogger does not let me comment from my Iphone. Lame, I know… Imagine my surprise the other night when I found out that Ashley from The Small But Mighty Runner nominated me for a Leibster a whole week ago! So naturally, I quickly apologized for not seeing the post before and promised to respond this week.  Thanks for being cool about it Ashley! 

So, since I already nominated a group on my last Leibster post, I am going going to give it my all with the questions assigned to me. Ready? 

1. If you had one day devoted to doing whatever you wanted to do, how would you spend that day? I once devoted a whole 14 hours to gardening.  It was a lot of work putting in 2 new gardens from sod removal to mulching.  It was hard labor and I do not think I will do that again….  These days I think I would go for a early (like 9-10 AM) run or hike, come home, sit in a hammock ( But an Adirondack chair will have to do since I don’t own a hammock), have a vodka gimlet or three and read a book and catch up on blogs under my big silver maples surrounded by my gardens. 

2. Name a food that you have tried to like over and over again but just cannot stand… I know many of you are going to gasp and start telling me to try your recipes to try and change my mind but here it is: Quinoa.  I honestly have only had it a few times.  Each time I was very disappointed and left the cafe or restaurant broke and hungry.  I just don’t get it. I think it’s a texture thing for me. 

3. If someone gave you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Hands down I would go to Scotland.  I have wanted to go here since I was a little girl.  I always had a thing for stories of vikings, barbarians and highlanders growing up (Must be a men in kilts thing). Braveheart, Rob Roy,  I think that is where it started anyway.  But now it’s all about the peaceful scenery and castles.  I would country hop while I was there checking out as many castles and cathedrals as I can.

4. What is your favorite song and why? Oh this is a tough one… I will name a few that I can relate to in some way

The acoustic version of Everlong by Foo Fighters.  If Dan and I were to ever renew our wedding vows, this is the song I would pick for our slow dance at the reception.  It came out two years to late for my first wedding… 

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison  What can I say about this song? It’s just a sexy song! I can’t help singing it at the top of my lungs when it comes on.

 The Way by Fastball – This is our theme song. Even though the song was inspired by a news report about an elderly couple that went missing, the song’s literal meaning is about packing up and leaving one day without a plan.  Dan and I sometimes talk about doing this. I swear we were nomads in another life. We get the five year itch as I call it.  Five years is the longest we have stayed in one house. The current home is going on six years and yes, we talk more now about selling everything and moving – Florida, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Vermont. We are dreamers :0)

5. What is your guilty pleasure? Buffalo wings and pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw.  Both must be washed down with beer.  I have broken the habit of NEEDING these things once a week.  Now they are just for special treats.

6. Who was your first celebrity crush? Johnny Depp.  I met him back in ’87-88 at the Philly car show.  WAY back in the days of 21 Jump Street.  I still have that autograph and the pictures I took.  We were not allowed to get a picture WITH him though.  I do not crush on him anymore but back then he was perfection to me ( I was 12 and always boy crazy -LOL )

7. What exercise do you despise doing the most?  Burpees because I have no upper body strength and lunges because those hurt my knees. So, I do these if I am fired up about my workout and really want to feel badass for doing them. This does not happen often. 

8. What is your absolute dream job? Funny that you bring this up because owning my own business has been on my mind for a while.  But what would it be? I am not sure – coffee shop or tea room? a chic boutique? My town DOES need a running store… 


9. What is your favorite quote? I tend to quote movies and songs a lot even in casual conversation.  But my favorite comes from a Tom Petty song called Big Weekend  “If you don’t run, you rust” This could also be my personal theme song since I am always on the move. If I am stuck inside the house for too long, I get antsy.  I need to be outside working in the yard, at a park running or hiking with Dan, or even just driving around exploring new areas around us.  I believe that when you stop moving, that is when you start to feel old- no matter what your age.

10. What have you learned about yourself through blogging? I might not be the best writer, but if I am myself and honest about what I say, people will respond to that. Blogging also has tamed the competitor in me. I do not have a huge following and I am OK with that.  I would love to see this blog grow but I don’t want to be one of those blogs that turn into a review machine.  Yes, they each have gazillion readers and a small village of followers on Twitter and Facebook. But how many are there just for free stuff? Reviews are fun and I do like to do them.  I like connecting with people too. I have made some good blends with this wee blog. I love this community platform and the fact that I can message someone I have never met in real life for advice on something they know more about and the other way around! We inspire each other. What’s not to love about that? 


So tell me. What has blogging taught you?  Who was your first celebrity crush?


So you want to be a runner

“So, you SAY you run.  But do you REALLY?”

Someone said this to me a few weeks ago when we were talking about how the bad winter kept us from walking, hiking and running. I think the look on my face was that of shock. My response was, “Yes! I might not be fast and I do have to take walking breaks.  But yes, I am a runner.”

This conversation made me think about why I run. This did not have a negative affect on me at all.  It actually inspired me to write this post.  You need a quick back story.  See, I had never been into sports as a kid. I did try track once in 7th grade. I wanted to be a runner and was excited when my small school added track that year (the only year)  My last race was a relay.  When I crossed the finish line, a coach from another team laughed and asked me if I even tried because I wasn’t breathing hard.  Little did he know, I had given it all I had. I am just a slow runner.  I was so embarrassed and felt like I wasn’t worthy of being on the team. So, I quit. I never tried another sport throughout my school years. True story.

I thought about this story a lot.  What would I say and how I would compose this post? I want to talk directly to you, the person that wants to get into running but feels intimidated. I am here to tell to stop it! Right now.  I had put running off for a long time and wish I didn’t.  I am not fast.  I do take walk breaks.  Any seasoned runner will tell you it’s OK to walk when you need to. You need to build up endurance so don’t expect to do a 5k in under 30 minutes when you first start.

There’s no pressure. If races intimidate you, that’s ok too!  There is no rule that states to be a runner, you MUST race. I have been a casual runner going on three years now. I do it because it clears my head and reduces stress. I have done one 5k and am talking about signing up for one or two this year with some friends of mine. But if it does not happen, I will not be heart broken.  I set a goal for myself to be capable of running a 10K. Don’t get me wrong. Signing up for a race is a great goal to set to keep you motivated. It’s just not my thing.

Read up on tips for beginners. There are a ton of great running blogs on the web by experts and “regular people” sharing their experiences and what works for them.  I have learned a lot about how not to get hurt, proper breathing, how to fuel before and after a run… Take a look around and ask questions! Also, Runner’s World is a obviously a great website for information.  Here is a link on how to become a runner in five easy steps.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking you need a bunch of techy things to get out the door. There are a few things you should purchase that will make it more enjoyable:

  • Moisture wicking clothing-  Trust me.  You want to feel dry especially as the weather gets warmer. You will be much more comfortable.  I love the Champion C9 line at Target.  I also hit up big label outlets and discount stores like Ross and Marshalls.  Don’t forget socks.  Stay away from 100% cotton anything!
  • The right sneaks for your feet- This is where you should invest your money. Go to a running store and get fitted. If you have high arches, you want shoes that will give you that extra support. Flat feet don’t need shoes with high arch support. The right shoes will help against injury. Who wants achy arches or shin splints? Trust me- you don’t.  If the store lets you test run outside, do it. You will get a totally different feel for the fit and cushion then running on carpet.
  • Something to hold your keys, phone and ID.  I use a SpiBelt and love it. It’s small but expands to hold my phone and car keys.  I have my eye on a Flipbelt too.  Find what works for you. There are a few great items out there.  Google search for yourself. You will find blogger reviews of gear by doing this. Stop in and see what they have to say.
  • A kickass playlist to keep you moving.  Heather over at Divas Run for Bling posted a few great tips for choosing music for your playlist. My original playlist is set at 30 minutes long and it has quite a few genres on there like she suggests.  Sometimes I will just put my songs on shuffle and go.  This does not always work when my IPod decides to choose all slow songs. I get distracted, then annoyed and have a hard time recovering my run. So yeah, playlists are a good idea.  Mix it up and have fun!

That’s it. Garmin, fuel belts, gels… not needed since you are just starting out. When you start building on your mileage and your runs are longer then an hour, then entertain these things.  The point is to not overthink it.  Just go out there and have fun!

As the old saying goes:

no matter how slow

Happy running!