Friday’s 5


Happy Spring’s eve eve!  I have been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  It is feeling stuck in my opinion.  What do I right about? Will anyone still read it? Should I close it down?
Where is my focus? I was digging through the archives for old themes to spark some creativity. In doing so,  I decided I am bringing back one of my favorite blog posts to do ~ Friday’s 5. If you are not familiar with this concept, it’s basically a quick update on current thoughts, feelings or tips to share with you all.  I got away from doing these posts but it’s time to dust off my logo and start again!  So let’s get to it, shall we?

     1. Day light saving time kicked my ass. How can loosing one little hour screw a person up so bad?  It took four days of sleeping through my alarms ( I have two set daily ) and oversleeping to start feeling somewhat normally again.  My yoga really suffered and therefore so did my attitude. UGH I hate that feeling!  But I am feeling much more myself today!

     2. Hello my name is Mary and I am a Netflix binge watching addict.  I finished House Of Cards season 4 in a week.  Then Flaked (only 1 season so far), which is a new Wil Arnet show and very easy to watch.  And two nights ago I started The Fall.


OMG you guys!!  I was hooked since the first episode!  Season 1 and 2 are only five episodes each but each episode is a full hour long.  I have 7 episodes to finish the series and will most likely happen all this weekend. It is a psychological thriller that follows serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) as he stalks his victims in and around Belfast.  Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is the MET detective that is brought in to track him down. I can’t say what it is exactly that I like about it without giving anything away.  Trust me though. This one really is a must see!

3. Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow which means an early spring.  We were doing great with that trend.  Last week we were loving the warm 75-80 degree weather! I even got to wear my Prana dress!


But that rodent is a compulsive liar. They are now predicting snow for this Sunday into Monday. We could get a little snow or a lot depending on which weather model you look at.  Sigh….

Never trust a glory seeking groundhog with your weather forecast.  Sheesh!

4. I had chocolate/peanut butter cake with my coffee for breakfast this morning. I am not a big desert person anymore but it came free with my dinner last night so I went for it.  It was delicious! No regrets.

5. I cannot believe that Easter Sunday is just over a week away.  My daughter is coming home from her internship in Boston the day before and leaving on Easter.  Her spring semester starts that following Monday.  I can’t wait to see her and spend time with her as a family!


Tell me in the comments below what is on your mind.  Got a random tip? A dilemma you need an opinion on?  Got a question for me? Hit me up! I am all ears.




Friday’s 5 – It’s SPRING!


Happy first day of spring friends!  It is snowing here in beautiful Bucks Co, PA.  Even though it is NOT a welcome sight, it is still pretty to watch.  It is also causing some major cabin fever!!  As I sit here trying to concentrate, I am thinking of things to put on my to-do list for the next two months.

1) Get a jump on the overwhelming chore of garden clean up.  I have 10 medium-large perennial gardens that I let go wild last year.  Needless to say, they are a mess with old weeds and it’s stressing me out to look at them.


2) Get back in to running again. I am a fair weather runner.  So, now that it’s light out longer and the weather will be warming up, I am getting excited to run again.  I do think it would be the smart choice to make this part of my morning routine this year instead of going after work.  I will give it a try.


3) Spring flowers!  One of my most favorite times of the year is when you are driving to work one day and suddenly see that all the new grass, tiger lilies and tulips are sprouting.  We can’t forget the Eastern Redbuds with their purpleish red buds and the cherry blossoms coming in to bloom! Everything looks bright and new.  I can’t help smiling just thinking about it!


4) Yoga outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin.


5) Getting lost in the woods – Hiking!   This is the time of year that we can finally emerge from our winter shell and hit the trails. The snow will be melting and it will be muddy.  However, nothing compares to being surrounded by nature and the peace it brings me.


What are you looking forward to now that spring has sprung?

Friday’s 5 – These are a few of my favorite Fall things


Happy first Friday of Fall! It’s been a rough week for me with not having any energy.  I am sure my food choices have has something to do with it.  Add in, doctor and car appointments, not sleeping well, no energy to exercise, rain… that adds to the mood of the week.  So, I thought I would sit down and write about positive things that I am looking forward to over the next few months.  Here we go… my latest Friday’s 5:

1. Meal prep – I don’t do much prep over the summer months. We grill and meals are lite and simple. But when the weather starts to change, I like make a lot of soups, chili and stews.  It’s time to dust off the favorite recipes and start making them again.  Also on that list:  roasted squash & baked sweet potatoes.  These are two big staples of my breakfast and lunch for the next 6 months or so.

2. Crop Hunger Walk – The past three years, Dan and I have raised $1800 towards our local Crop Walk.  This year we are walking it again! We are both on the committee to make this walk happen. Dan is helping with all the signage and I am taking on the treasurer seat for the first  time! I am a little nervous about the new responsibility but excited to be apart of it all.  This is our walk’s 30th year and I really hope we smash our record for donations making this the biggest year yet! In the past 29 years, our little community has raised over $640,000 and $154,000 of that has gone to our local food pantry, FISH. If you would like to help me with this goal, please click on the red words above to be directed to my personal donation page. Hunger is not a church problem. It is a world problem. 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry every night…. statistics show that most of them are women…. Moms actually. That saddens me.  If you would like more information on how you can get involved in your community walk, Check out THIS website.

3. Fall hiking – This is my favorite time of year.  There is nothing more breathtaking then to emerge from dense forest to a clearing blazing with yellows, orange and reds of the bushes and grass that surrounds you.  Add in a clear blue sky and sun shining overhead and I feel like I have found heaven.

4. Running – Fall weather is perfect… not to cold / not too hot. Need I say more?

5. Mums, pumpkins and corn stalks – OH MY!  I love looking at how people decorate the front of their homes for fall.  Every year I say I am going to do it too… Maybe this is the year.

What about you? Do you have any traditions or favorite activities you are looking forward to? Do you have any “to die for” recipes I need to try?  If so, please share in the comments below!  

Friday’s 5 – Top Summer Moments

September…. It seems like as soon as Labor Day happens, a few changes take place. It is instantly darker in the morning. I need to defrost my car windshield. Spider webs pop up everywhere. And all things pumpkin and spice go on sale.
This summer has been amazing! The weather was perfect with low humidity most days. I spent most of my free time outside. I loved every second of it! I am not quite ready to give in to early sunsets and pumpkin lattes.

Here are my top five summer moments in pictures:

1. Running a 5K with friends


2. Hiking through the rhododendrons


3. Running with my daughter


4. Sister’s weekend at the beach


5. Yoga challenges and taking it outside


There were soAny more great moments but these are the ones that really stick out.
I am on vacation as of 4:30 this afternoon (Woo Hoo!). I will be making more memories starting with the Lorde concert tonight with the family. Then we will be camping next week. Allyson goes back to school on Monday and Wednesday we will hopefully be hiking waterfalls. There are a few more weeks left before it’s officially fall. I plan to hold on to summer as long as I can!

What is your favorite moment of summer 2014?

Friday’s 5 – June Happiness


Happy Friday! I can not believe it’s the end of June already! I have been spending the past month trying to focus on living in the moment. Over at I’m Fit Possible, the theme this month is “happiness”.  I had posted a few weeks ago about a great new website called Happify.  If you haven’t had a chance to try it out, click on my link on the side bar to the right.  It’s free to sign up and I bet you will be hooked after your first track or two! Keeping with this theme of being happy, I decided to pick 5 pictures of moments in June that made me happy to share with you.


Hiking with Dan for 7 miles finding inner peace (Pinchot Trail -south loop)


An evening stroll in the park with the family


Me time- sitting out back with a book for several hours


Sister’s weekend – a 4 mile run, a long walk and yoga on the beach and lots of shopping!


Toes in the sand and soaking up the sun

There you have it! These are just some of what made me happy this month.  Having Allyson home is my number 1 of course.  Tell me something that made you happy too!

Friday’s 5


I have not done a Friday’s 5 in a while so I thought I would jump on here and give it a go.  Is everyone ready for the Easter Weekend? 


  1. I am looking forward to Sunday- church, the niece and nephew’s easter egg hunt, my MIL’s fabulous dinner and getting to wear my new dress! This will be our first holiday without Allyson being home. She has classes and is not close enough to come home for a few hours. A phone call is in order though.  
  2. I love reading about everyone’s excitement towards Monday’s Boston Marathon.  I wish I was going just to watch! Good luck to all my blends or people I stalk that are running! For those staying home like yours truly, don’t forget to wear a race shirt or blue/yellow on Monday in memory of all those involved in the events of last year’s race.  Thank you Samalee Allen for telling me about this! 
  3. I am still listening to The Fiery Cross ( Outlander #5) on my drive to and from work.  Although I like this a lot because relaxes me, I could have been done the book by now and on to book 6 is I was reading it old school (you know, on my Kindle). I think I will do the whole audio book thing again but not when there is a series involved. 
  4. The I’m Fit Possible community has given me a chance to embark on a journey of yoga and creativity. I will be starting this journey on Monday and take it on for 4 weeks.  After which there will be a review. So, stay tuned for that! 
  5. I finally signed up for my 5K on Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s a local race and the festivities sound like a lot of fun.  Even the neighborhood as a contest for “most spirited” house on the block! I can not wait to see what it’s like.  I know I really need to buckle down on my running to work on beating my time from my last race of 38:20.  I will be happy with a time of 35:00 or faster. This is only my 2nd race ever so I am happy just to be involved.  

So that’s about it folks! I have a few things that will require me to focus on my follow through. As you may know, lack of follow through is a flaw of mine. However, I look at each of these things as a challenge accepted.