Farewell August

August, you spoiled me with your warm hugs and brilliant sunlit smiles.

I cannot put into words how great this month was! This month started with my birthday, day trips, family gatherings and Allyson currently visiting for two weeks between the end of her summer internship and the start of her senior year which starts in September.

We explored new towns and found new favorite spots to eat or shop locally as well. This month has been about having no itinerary and the wanderlust that took us on spontaneous adventures. It’s true what they say that if you live in the moment and don’t schedule every minute of your free time, that time will feel like it lasts much longer. I was off three days last week and it felt like a full week. Keep that tip in mind for your next long weekend or vacation and you will see what I mean!

I know this is bad for a blogger to admit but I didn’t take many pictures either. One day I even left my phone at home! Crazy, I know. It was a strange feeling at first but so freeing at the end of the day.


My new grand niece was born 8/19!   Eliana James –  Eliana is in honor or her grandmom Ellie and great grandmom Anna.   James is for her great grandfather who’s birthday she was born on. She is such a little peanut! We love her to pieces.



With the new baby in the house, Allyson and I took her big sis and bro to the park for some auntie/cousin time. These two have big imaginations!



My new book that I cannot put down.  Look for a review next month sometime!


20160828_190633 Summer is for relaxing with the pups on the deck, grilling food, listening to music and sharing cocktails with the family.

20160827_131547 And just one last reminder… Never miss a chance to sparkle!


I hope all my stateside readers  have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

I am not quite ready for summer to unofficially end. But I do long for those cool crisp fall days and everything smelling like pumpkin spice and the leaves begin to change.

Tell me…. What are you most looking forward too about fall?  Or what will you miss most about summer? 



My Happiness Project – April


April has flown by! Work is starting to get busy again gearing up for summer which is craziness for us.  I had a few posts planned but time got away from me.  Life happens and I have enjoyed every second of it!

I have a baby announcement for this month!


Jacob Patrick was born on April 16th to our step brother and wife.  I have not met the little guy yet but when I do, there will be pictures galore! This one was taken from my MIL’s IPad.

I have owned my Mindful Yoga Wheel for a month now and am slowly learning ways to use it.  One of my yoga challenges this month is all about using props ( Straps, blocks, wheels…).  This month of poses has helped me refocus and go deeper into my practice. Sometimes I feel stuck after doing the same poses and don’t feel progression in them. Typically, I stop doing them for a while and try new things… then I lose all that work.  This is where the wheel and other props comes in. It is helping me find new ways to do “old” postures.

Spring is finally here!  I love how everything has that new, bright green look to it. My allergies are not liking the pollen too much but it’s not a bother when I can look at the pretty trees in bloom!


These pictures were taken on Saturday.  Sunday turned out to be a bright and sunny day.  We managed to get out of the house somewhat early so we started off with a walk by the lake.


By 11:00AM the park was packed with runners, families on bikes, race teams and people in boats fishing. There was even a local photographer set up with props taking Mother’s Day photos. The little kids all dressed up in their fancy dresses and bow ties were adorable!  It certainly was a good day for people watching.

One last thing I am happy about are my new sunglasses!  This is my first pair of prescription sunnies.  I have always had clip-ons or transition lenses but wanted a larger pair that actually blocks the sun.  These are working out better then I ever imagined!  I wish I had done this years ago.

So tell me….

What are you doing to enjoy this amazing spring weather? I know all you runners are in your glory! Am I right?

My Happiness Project – February


The past few weeks have flown by.  Work was really busy but we managed to plan a quick getaway to Boston this weekend to celebrate our daughter’s 21 birthday!  It was a quick trip but we had a blast! I would go as far to say EPIC!  This picture pretty much sums it up.

Boston, you rock! This is our kind of town.

This coming weekend I head to St. Louis for a work convention. It’s been a few years since I’d been there so I am looking forward to it!

I am looking forward to March too. We’ll be closer to spring. Allyson will be home for a day before moving back on campus. Then of course birthdays and a baby shower. What happens in Boston stays in Boston so next month I will have more to share.

How was your February? Did you have any adventures of your own?

My Happiness Project ~October


This month has been so crazy! I have been wanting to sit down and write some things but for some reason, I just have not had time to devote to it.  I did not want October to go by without a #MyHappinessProject recap! Considering this is the 2nd installment, that would be a total fail on my part and I can’t let that happen.  So, if I was to sit with you and talk about all things happy this month, this is what I would say….

31st Pennridge Crop Walk

31st Pennridge Crop Walk

We had beautiful weather for this year’s Crop Hunger Walk and a great turn out from the community.  I am still in the process of my treasurer duties which should be completed in the next week or two.  As the lead speaker for the group, this year brought on not one but TWO times that public speaking was needed.  This was a HUGE fear to face and I am happy to report I pulled both off very well.

Janina and Luke


Both sides of my family tree welcomed babies this month.  Janina was born on 10/22 and Luke arrived a week earlier on the 13th. Exciting times for sure!

Fall colors

Fall colors

I do not have one picture that does the fall color justice. This was taken two weeks ago as we drove up to the Pocanos to have dinner with family.  This is my favorite time of year.  Last week, the colors were absolutely gorgeous!  The leaves were at their peek and I could feel their glow within me.  Even though this picture was taken on a cold and cloudy day, any drive in the mountains makes me happy!

I won over Maggie

I won over Maggie

Grandma Long

Grandma Long

Speaking of meeting up with family… Dan’s grandma is up from Florida so we got a chance to visit with her. Dan’s dad and uncle were there along with our sister Meg and her youngest Maggie. This was Maggie’s first time meeting Grandma so it was an extra special visit.  It was nice catching up but my most memorable part was making up stories with Maggie about the koi fish that they had in the front of the restaurant.  This kid has a great imagination! We also had a balance contest.  She is a natural at Warrior III ;0)

There is one last thing that I am excited to share….



We are taking a road trip!  We were going to plan on a trip to FL to see Grandma but since she’s here, we are taking another direction.  Allyson has an event in Houston on Black Friday so she suggested we drive with her instead of her flying. What a great idea! Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to have this family vacation. We do not have it all planned out yet but we know we will be in NOLA for one full day and Houston another day.  Any other stop will be just for a night.  For us, road trips are more about the journey then the destination. I look forward to recapping this for next month’s happiness project!

That’s it for me this month!  We are not into Halloween so there are no custom ideas to discuss.  I wish I was more into the holiday but since we do not have little kids in the house, it’s just another day for us.

What about you? Did you have any moments this month that made you happy?

December already?

How was everyone’s November?  I can not believe it’s December already.  November went by so fast!  It has been exactly a month since my last post.  It was a recap of my first full week of morning workouts. I am happy to report that I am still going strong.  I even got up early on my vacation last week and got my yoga in first thing! I really look forward to that time now.  This is probably one of the best changes I have made in a while.

So how was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was really busy this year with 3 dinner parties and a birthday brunch that kept us busy from Thursday to Sunday.  We drove up to NH to bring Allyson home on 11/22.  She has a 6 week winter break so she will be home through the first weekend in January when we take her back north. I loved having whole days to spend with her shopping and catching up.

Speaking of shopping….. I am feeling SO accomplished!  I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done between Macy’s and Amazon.  We got incredible deals the day before Thanksgiving at Macy’s.  They were honoring their Black Friday deals that day. It was great!  The store was empty.  We saved a ton of money… Best shopping season ever! I still have a few small things I want to get for Dan and stocking stuffers. But really, the stressful part is over.

Speaking of stocking stuffers….. Last year we came up with The Great Stocking Challenge.  You can read about it by clicking the link but basically each of us come up with a theme, take a set amount of cash, split up and spend a day shopping for what we interpret that theme to be.  Then we wrap the items but do not tag them.  The game on Christmas morning is to guess who bought what.  Allyson picked her theme this year, “warmth”.  Dan and I have yet to come up with something. I am leaning towards “girlie” but not sold yet. I am really excited to for this!  We do not have many holiday traditions so this one is new and exciting for us.

As for the rest of the month, I am involved with 2 challenges:  1 is yoga and 1 is squats.  I plan to spend this month living in the moment.  I don’t want to rush around or let the days pass without anything to show for it.  We have some parties to attend and I hope to have my Father-In-Law and his wife down for dinner as well.  I hope to make it back on here before the New Year.  In case I do not, I want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

Tell me: Do you have a favorite tradition you share with family or friends?

Friday’s 5 – Top Summer Moments

September…. It seems like as soon as Labor Day happens, a few changes take place. It is instantly darker in the morning. I need to defrost my car windshield. Spider webs pop up everywhere. And all things pumpkin and spice go on sale.
This summer has been amazing! The weather was perfect with low humidity most days. I spent most of my free time outside. I loved every second of it! I am not quite ready to give in to early sunsets and pumpkin lattes.

Here are my top five summer moments in pictures:

1. Running a 5K with friends


2. Hiking through the rhododendrons


3. Running with my daughter


4. Sister’s weekend at the beach


5. Yoga challenges and taking it outside


There were soAny more great moments but these are the ones that really stick out.
I am on vacation as of 4:30 this afternoon (Woo Hoo!). I will be making more memories starting with the Lorde concert tonight with the family. Then we will be camping next week. Allyson goes back to school on Monday and Wednesday we will hopefully be hiking waterfalls. There are a few more weeks left before it’s officially fall. I plan to hold on to summer as long as I can!

What is your favorite moment of summer 2014?

Friday’s 5 – June Happiness


Happy Friday! I can not believe it’s the end of June already! I have been spending the past month trying to focus on living in the moment. Over at I’m Fit Possible, the theme this month is “happiness”.  I had posted a few weeks ago about a great new website called Happify.  If you haven’t had a chance to try it out, click on my link on the side bar to the right.  It’s free to sign up and I bet you will be hooked after your first track or two! Keeping with this theme of being happy, I decided to pick 5 pictures of moments in June that made me happy to share with you.


Hiking with Dan for 7 miles finding inner peace (Pinchot Trail -south loop)


An evening stroll in the park with the family


Me time- sitting out back with a book for several hours


Sister’s weekend – a 4 mile run, a long walk and yoga on the beach and lots of shopping!


Toes in the sand and soaking up the sun

There you have it! These are just some of what made me happy this month.  Having Allyson home is my number 1 of course.  Tell me something that made you happy too!