Have you tried Periscope yet?

(Disclaimer: What you are about it read is strictly my own opinion.  I was not contacted by Twitter or Periscope to give a review or voice an opinion.)

Now that we have that out of the way…. Raise your hand if you are on Periscope? Great! Now… raise both hands if you can’t get enough of it?  Yeah, me too! If you are new to this app like I am, there are some things to learn to enhance the experience (it’s not hard to use).  Basically, Periscope app is a way to live stream a video you are filming from your iOS or Android and people following you can interact in real time.  I think that is so cool!  Once you end your video, it then stays on your account for 24 hours and can be viewed again and again. The app will keep stats for you too such as: number of likes ( give hearts by tapping the screen), number of live viewers and number of viewers in the 24hr time frame.

Now, when I first heard about this back in June, i thought, “Great. Another social media app.” But when one of the yoga instructors I follow on Instagram announced she was going live for the first time, I thought I would jump on and see how it goes.  It was a little strange at first but I really got into interacting with the host and other viewers on line.  I like this app because I can follow along with some of my favorite yoga instructors to get tips on different poses, ask questions or learn something totally new to me. TIP: If you are a trainer or instructor in any field, this is a great way to connect with your clients!

Here are a few screen shots I took this morning as I watched some of Kino MacGregor’s home practice:

lots of love going on at this moment

lots of love going on at this moment

number of live broadcasts at that moment in time worldwide for your to watch

number of live broadcasts at that moment in time worldwide for your to watch

my profile linked from my Twitter acct

my profile linked from my Twitter account- come follow me!

I have not made my own video yet but maybe I will play around with it when I am camping in Vermont this weekend. I am always hesitant of giving away my location on line. I watch too much Criminal Minds if you know what I mean. One thing that I just learned today is that when you turn on your location, it only gives a regional area.  It does not pinpoint your exact location.  Smart thinking Periscope peeps!

With a quick google search, I found a great list of five quick tips on Hubspot.com which is where I learned about the location tagging. Also, you can check out a cool video demo for the app here on Periscope TV. The only downside so far that I find annoying are the pervs making comments totally not related to what the video is about. Watching yoga apparently brings out the idiot in people. The host can block them while live but you can easily block them as well but tapping on their comment and selecting block. This is also how you can reply to someone’s comment too.

I have only been on here for about three weeks but I am loving it so far!  I am finding new people to follow every day.

Tell me what you think.  Do you think you will give this app a try?  If you use Periscope, have you posted videos? What are your pros/cons?


Infinity Straps Are Awesome

Oh Infinity Strap!  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…


Have you ever heard of Infinity Strap?  If you own one already, I am sure you will agree with my when I say, “Where have you been all my life?” But first, I want to point out that everything I say here is my own opinion.  I have not been contacted to review this product nor am I being compensated. I am just a woman with tight muscles who loves a good stretch.

I first learned about Infinity Strap on Instagram when I first started yoga.  I think they may have been a sponsor for a challenge I was doing.  Either that or someone was using one and I started to follow their page.  I don’t remember exactly.  But I do know that I was liking their posts but still on the fence about buying one.  See, I am not a “gear girl”.  I have a few things to make my workouts more comfortable but I tend to keep things simple. Did I really need this strap?  My nylon belt that was exactly what they sell as a yoga strap worked great!  After several months, I decided to dive in and buy one.  They come two ways: with elastic so that it stretches with you or without elastic for more stability. I opted for the elastic one and let me tell you, I wish I did not wait so long.

Here is a description from their website

The Infinity Strap (patent pending) is designed to solve the problems of the traditional Yoga strap by providing an elegant, simple, beautiful and safe alternative. The design of the Infinity Strap is a dual loop with a subtle twist at the center, forming a shape of an endless figure 8, which is illustrated by the timeless symbol of infinity. 

• Unique infinity shape keeps loops open for easy use

• No hardware to hurt your hands or feet

• No buckles to fuss with or constantly readjust!!

• Compact design means no extra strap in your way

• Deepen  poses and maintain proper alignment

• 3 sizes to fit all levels and types of practice

  • Small 13″
  • Medium 16″
  • Large 19″

I have not used my belt since.  Having the hoop already there to hook or grab on to makes for a better stretch session. It really does help to deepen the pose as well.  This morning I tried a standing bow pose first without the Infinity Strap and then with.


You can see in the left picture my arms are lower, I am leaning more towards the window and so is my raised leg.  My alignment is better on the right along with my chest being more open increasing the bend in my upper back. My leg is higher giving a deeper stretch to the hip flexors as well.  I try not to think about what progress I have missed out earlier in my practice because I did not have one.

If you are thinking, “I don’t do yoga so this does not apply to me”, I must disagree with you.  If you do any type of sport where agility, flexibility and strength are a factor, you can benefit from using this product. The inventor, Amir Zaki, is not just a yogi but an avid surfer and tennis player as well. Here, let me show you other ways I use my strap…

Having trouble touching your toes?


How about a little shoulder resistance workout:


Do this 3×15-20 and you will feel it! There are so many ways you can incorporate this into your yoga or stretching routine.

I am considering buying a second one to keep at my desk for when I take my afternoon break.  I take 15-20 minutes to get up from my desk and stretch my hips and shoulders.  It really helps me get through that afternoon slump.

I highly suggest following their Instagram to get inspired.  While you are at it, come over and follow me too!

Do you have use an Infinity Strap? If so, do you love it as much as I love mine?  Are you considering purchasing one for yourself?

Aspire to Inspire~ finding your tribe

It has been a little over  three years now since I picked up blogging again.  This blog has been through three face lifts and I am happy with where it is going. However, I am still trying to find it’s voice.  Where does Four The Health Of It fit in on this massive blogosphere?  Back then, I was reading posts on S.I.T.S. Girls website looking for inspiration and how to be the best blogger ever! It was pretty overwhelming.  I was not looking to make this a business. I just wanted to get my stories out of my head!

So, what was this to become?  A running blog? I am a runner but races are not my thing.  So writing only about running made me feel like a phony. Who was I to talk about it when I was not putting up the miles like so many awesome bloggers I follow?

Strength training? Cardio? Yoga? Healthy recipes? Clean living?

One thing that I learned from S.I.T.S Girls was that blogger needs to find their tribe to be successful.


Find your tribe. I believe this is true not just in blogging. If you have an interest and you surround yourself with like-minded people, several things happen:

  • You enjoy it more
  • You make new friends
  • You will be successful

Now, I don’t refer to success in a monetary connotation.  I mean it in a life changing, positive way.  My bestie started painting and is really good at it. Check out her FB page here. She has found her tribe full of other artists. I am happy that she has found this group because I can see that she is truly happy and loves what she is doing.  My sister joined a FB fitness group that is associated with #MyPeakChallenge. My sis is a huge inspiration to me.  And this group of hers? They push each other daily. She has made great progress in the past three months and new friends to inspire as well.

As for me? My tribe consists of a melting pot of greatness.  It consists of runners, crossfitters, yogis, fashionistas and SAHM’s.  Men and women who, through your blogs, FB pages and Instagram posts inspire me to push my self farther and harder then before.  I have met so many great people through challenges, my affiliations with SweatPink and BurnThis…. I am truly humbled by the support and advice that you all are so willing to give.  When I hear from someone telling me I inspire them? Well, that is the best feeling in the world!  That tells me I am where I should be.   This tribe.  This blog of total randomness.  This is where I belong. Thank you all for being a part of it!


Be Inspired with BurnThis

Burn-This-App-LogoSo… How is everyone surviving this February?  It hard to believe it’s almost over. I have been busy trying to stay warm like the rest of the North East.  I have been tinkering about with some new workouts and apps.  One that I am very excited to tell you about is BurnThis.  I became an ambassador of this great community in the beginning of February and now that I have have time to settle in, I wanted to share the awesomeness with you!

What is BurnThis? The brainchild of co-founders Anna Kohanski Mason and Monica Johnson, BurnThis a Pinstagram app just for fitness. BurnThis combines cutting-edge photo sharing tools with with an active fitness super community that inspires and pushes you to be your healthiest, most fit self. It’s where you can share and discover motivational quotes, workout selfies, progress photos and whatever else you want to motivate and inspire! BurnThis is the world’s most inspiring community of fitness and wellness lovers. Within minutes, you will be addicted to sharing fitness photos and inspired to workout more!  The app is available at the Itunes App store.

Set your profile to list your affiliations, bio info, favorite quote... whatever you want!

Set your profile to list your affiliations, bio info, favorite quote… whatever you want!


Share, like and comment on photos from the community. Unlike other apps, you see ALL the new photos plus a separate wall just for the friends you follow.


Join challenges to stay motivated and win prizes!

The website is full of more inspiration on the blog page.  This is where you can meet trainers, fitness professionals and bloggers that are being featured. Are you looking for workout tips, new recipes or a new gym/studio in your area? Head on over to the website.

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? The Website has that information too~ just click here to be swept away to the learn more! I hope you decide to come over and have fun with us.  Please look me up and let me know that you follow me so I can follow you back!

Are you already using the BurnThis app? If so, what is your favorite feature?

(Disclaimer – there was no compensation for this post.  This is just me sharing the love with all of you fine people)