Finding my path by taking a step back

How has everyone been? I am fantastic! It took some time but I think I am getting my blogging mojo back!  The past two months have been a kind of evolution for me.  It is hard to put into words what I feel exactly. Inspired would be a good word. I had stepped away from my beloved yoga challenges back in December doing only 2 short 10-15 day challenges sometime between January and February.  I tried to add the challenges back into my schedule but it felt like work. I did like one because it was creative but the other, I pushed through for the sake of one of my yoga friends.  We got through it together. It felt strange.  I could have just quit but that is not me. After an almost three year routine of challenge after challenge, I guess I am just over it. I am not saying I will never do them again.  I am just not in that space anymore.

So where am I?  Good question. I am still working on that. Since the beginning of January, I have more free time after work ( Hubs works unitl 7PM now), I added in some evening yoga.  The morning practice consists of an easy flow to wake up.  The evening is more core and strength focused.  I found The Journey Junkie and fell in love with Allie’s challenges and YouTube videos.  This has been a total game changer for me!  In the past two months, I have developed more upper body and core strength which not only helps transition easily thought poses but also is a huge mental boost as well.  Allie’s videos either push me to my limit without making it feel like a  major workout or they rejuvenate and restore. I find myself always coming back for more.

Besides the physical side of yoga, I am digging deeper within myself on a more spiritual path as well.  One way has been reading up on different meditations and trying to bring it back into my daily routine.  I am working on self love, understanding the emotions as an empath and learning to live with this gift instead of suppressing it like I have all my life.

I have finally arrived at a place where I am happy with the body God gave me. I have curves. I will never be a thin size 6.  I am made to be a size 10-12. This is ok! Why fight it?  I love my curves. My body can do so much more then 3 years ago.  Just look at my Instagram and you will see a 41 year old folding into shapes, doing splits or back bends! I hope as my practice ebbs and flows, I inspire more people to join this journey with me.  If they don’t want to join me on their mat, then to make positive changes in their lives how they see fit.

Tell me how your first two months of 2017 have been! I hope I did not miss out on too much while I was away.


6 thoughts on “Finding my path by taking a step back

  1. So glad you got your groove back Mary. I love your Yoga challenges and find them very motivating to keep up my practice.
    The first two months have been pretty good. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs. I don’t dwell on the downs anymore. I just try to learn from them.

  2. Welcome back friend!
    You know what? I feel the same way about yoga challenges – they feel like work. I have been struggling to stick to them lately, not because I don’t want to do yoga (I still practice almost every day), but because I’m lukewarm on challenges. Maybe it will change, maybe it won’t – we shall see!
    I love Allie too, she’s awesome. And I’ve been following her for 2 years, it’s been incredible how much she has grown her blog and her brand! So amazing to watch.
    I’m loving your self-love! You are a beautiful, beautiful person, inside and out. ❤

    • you turned me o to Allie back in the fall when I tried a video or two. I never really got invested in the programs until January though.
      Is’t it great when you watch someone grow from a small time blog into something big?! It’s like being in the know before that’s a thing – LOL

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