What a week!

How is everyone’s June going so far? This has been a week of ups and down. Strange but familiar. Ever have one of those?

I was told what not to wear because I am old. ( not worth linking the actual article but a quick search will give you many other similar fluff pieces )

I say to that:

WearWhateverThe HellYou Want

Give me my leopard print, converse sneakers, bright pink anything and oversized sunglasses. One thing you learn as you get older is to not give a shit what others think, especially about your wardrobe!

I became obsessed with the guilty  verdict,  weak sentencing and public outrage of former Stanford student turned rapist, Brock Tuner.  His name should not even be mentioned again.  I am so blown away by the words of this little dork and his elitist father. What is worth sharing is the letter written by the victim (warning: parts of it are graphic).  WOW.  Her words are powerful.  I got emotional as a mother and got all “Girl Power” as a woman when I read this statement.  Be the beacon of light, dear girl. Be the lighthouse.

A friend received a diagnosis, another leaving her husband, while another friend has an uphill battle of her own. Funny not but funny is that these three women are some of the strongest, toughest chicks I know. I have a gut feeling that they each will come out of their situations even more badass then ever. But still, I send them prayers and good vibes along the way.

I binge watched VEEP S1 & 2 in two days.  Seasons 3 & 4 are not free on Prime yet so they will have to wait. I am not sure if I liked it enough to invest more time on it. Did anyone else see it? Should I keep watching? I have to say I am happy to see Anna Chlumsky in the cast. I have not seen her in anything since My Girl.  I always liked her but did not follow her career. I would say she is one of my favorites on this show.

I was introduced to a new yogi to follow on YouTube – Lesley Fightmaster of Fightmaster Yoga. I did a 30 minute class that focused on a lot of hip opening and flexibility in the back. I am hooked.  I am adding her into my weekend practice from here on out. That is when I have the most time to focus.  During the week, I can add parts that I learn into my personal practice. I am feeling the burn in my sides and core two days later. It’s been a long time since I felt sore from my practice. This new find is just what I needed to move forward where I otherwise felt stuck.


And can we talk about this amazing weather? Even though we are still having crazy amounts of rain, the humidity has been low and the mornings are spring like cool. I AM IN HEAVEN!  Considering the AC in my house is total crap, I will take the cool temps all summer long if that is possible.  All my runner friends must be in their glory too! am I right?

Tonight, Dan and  I have plans to hang out with our sister and her husband. We are going to see Rubix Cube ,  our favorite 80’s tribute band!  They are so fun to watch with all their (seamless) costume changes and stage show.  It is a fun night and I recommend you check them out if they come to your neck of the woods.  Oh and did I mention some people dress up for the show?  That’s right ladies and gentleman.  People watching is part of the experience so grab out Members Only jacket, Wayfarers and lace gloves and entertain me!

It’s time for me to get ready for night so I gotta run! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Make memories people!








11 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. You know Mary, I really struggle with this. I was feeling I shouldn’t wear a bikini at my age, and then read an article that said not to let anyone dictate what you wear based on age.
    I was so disturbed by that verdict. The selfish father was just gut-wrenching. Apples and trees as they say.
    Enjoy Rubix Cube!

    • I still struggle with this one too sometimes. Even after I convince myself to go for it, I have second thoughts as I leave the house. But then I raise my head and must the confidence I have left. Then I fake the rest. My daughter once told me when I asked her if an outfit loooked ok and I wasn’t to old for it, “Why do you care what other people think? What matters is how it makes YOU feel.” So I say you rock that bikini you beautiful goddess you!

  2. I LOVE your attitude towards wearing whatever the heck you want! Let’s TOTALLY make this a hashtag, I’m in.
    The rape story is awful, but I’m glad it’s getting so much exposure. Laws and the general perception need to change! The victim made such a powerful speech in court, she’s a courageous and strong woman.

  3. I LOVE your attitude towards wearing whatever the heck you want! Let’s TOTALLY make this a hashtag, I’m in.
    The rape story is awful, but I’m glad it’s getting so much exposure. Laws and the general perception need to change! The victim made such a powerful speech in court, she’s a courageous and strong woman.

  4. Exactly right – wear what you want! Wear what is comfortable, that make you feel confident, that looks like you want to look! It is not your function in life to fit into the mold or norms that others make up.

    Also totally agree with you on that verdict … ugh, if that kid would simply take responsibility for his actions I would could at least make some attempt to … I don’t know. But he doesn’t – and I am sure it is at the orders of the lawyer – yet at the same time it might just come easily. The same for the father – that is a letter I WOULD NOT write. We talk to our boys about how we always have their back – but one of the keys is that they need to be honest with us and to accept the responsibility for their actions. Reading the victim’s words was simply heartbreaking.

    Finally – yeah, too many friends with major crap going on … too many high school friends who aren’t making it to 50. Sad stuff, but it also shows another side of people, the strength and ability to raise up others.

    • We lecutred my daughter many many times about the dangers of drinking and also being street smart period…This was the scariest part of sending her off the school. You just never know. This Turner kid though, if he would just admit what he did! That is the most infuriating part!

      It it sad to know that your friends are suffering. But you are right about the strength they show. It can be inspiring at times.

      Have a great week!

    • I watched seasons 1 & 2 of Veep. It was good! Once the next ones are free I will continue.
      It’s great hearing from you. I hope all is well old friend!

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