The Ultimate Coffee Date – March


Happy first Saturday of March!! I am linking up with three fabulous women today: Lynda @ Fitness Mom wine Country , Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner and Coco @ Got2Run4Me. You are welcome to link up if you have a blog too.  Grab a seat plus your favorite hot beverage and have a chat with me!


If we were having coffee… I would tell you I had a fun time in St. Louis this past weekend. I was there with my boss as exhibitors at the annual UniGroup Learning Conference.  It was great to see and meet friends from the moving industry that I have been talking to over the phone for many years. It’s been about five years since I attended last. The downtown must be on the verge, or in the beginning stages of,  a gentrification because it seems more “alive” since my last visit.  I felt like there are bars/restaurants and let’s not forget Ballpark Village!  Live music, great food, baseball ( if you are a fan anyway)… it is a great place to visit! At the end of our trip, we hosted an appreciation dinner for one of the United moving companies we have a close relationship with.  It was at the top of The Four Seasons. The hotel is beautiful! The food and service was incredible.  I recommend the filet.  Their sorbet is perfection too.  And take a look at this view!

bee with crocuses

If we were having coffee… I would tell you I am so happy that it is March!  I know it’s not technically spring yet.  However, it is the start of my favorite season. Soon the crocus, tulips and other spring bulbs will pop up from their winter slumber.  The new grass will give the ground a fresh new look.  This makes my heart sing!


If we were having coffee… I would tell you I am in a workout slump. My plan of keeping a schedule worked well for January.  However, with all the traveling I did the past few weeks, I got off track. This always happens with me.  The only thing that stayed consistent was my yoga practice.  Even that has been less then stellar though. My plan to start running again this month is out the window after injuring my knee again.  It’s better now. However, bad knees run in the family and this is becoming an issue.  I am worried that running will accelerate any long term issues.  That does make me a little sad. I need a new cardio~  fast walking maybe? Hiking more this year is on the top of the list for sure.  All I know is I am itching to be outside!


If we were having coffee… I would discuss my frustration with social media creepers and spam that I get hit with more then I would like to deal with. It blows my mind that there are people who will strike up a conversation through your post or direct message, pretend they’re normal then BAM! They hit you with total perversion.  Now, I am not one that offends easy.  However, it takes up so much energy! People have way to much time on their hands.  Those people go straight to the “block party”.   Once there, they meet up with people who do not take no for an answer when trying to sell me their health and fitness services.  Respect goes both ways. Am I right?

If we were having coffee… I would tell you I am on the hunt for a cute kelly green shirt for St. Patrick’s Day.  So far, I have not found one that I like so maybe I will just get a scarf instead ;0)    I like this one.  I am sure Target will have one that would suit my fancy.



So tell me… If we were having coffee right now, what would you want to tell me? 






12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coffee Date – March

  1. There are some strange people out there on IG for sure we have to be careful! I’ve never been to St Louis but my hubs goes there a lot for work. I don’t have much in that green color either cute scarf though! Thanks for linking up for coffee today always great chatting with you!

  2. I will never understand cyber creeps. What do they get out of it? So far I’ve had nothing happen to me on IG, but for a while I had a nasty (anonymous, no surprise) commenter on my blog. Installing Disqus got rid of him (in my mind it was a guy), but it makes you feel violated. I hope yours quit too??
    I also wish you a speedy recovery for your knee, so you can get back to running. Or switch to walking, I love it!
    Have a great and spring-like weekend!

  3. Maybe you could do spinning or swimming for cardio? I know that is harder because you need a gym usually whereas running can be done like anywhere. Keep up the awesome yoga

  4. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I went to St. Louis a few years ago for a conference and it was nice but a little sleepy overall, nice to see that there’s a revival going on! I’m really looking forward to spring too…we need the warmer weather!

  5. I find that Instagram is the worst for having spam accounts follow. I tend to put them on the block list as soon as I can see that they’re fake. I will report offensive accounts if they crop up on my feed for whatever reason. I hope you found a scarf for St. Patricks!

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