My Happiness Project – January


WOW January… I blinked and almost missed you!

How if everyone doing?  Are you still in your resolution mode?  Still giving it all you got? Yes? Great! Although I did not set goals for the month, I set intentions for the year instead.  I did ended up shaking things up a little bit this month.  Let me explain…

At the start of the month, I had taken on four yoga challenges on Instagram.  These are set poses usually posted by the hosts the night before that I would then post my own version for that day.  I was also trying to get up early, do other forms of exercise, read a passage of A Course in Miracles AND leave for work early.  Not to mention, feed and put out the dogs, shower and cook my breakfast. I suddenly felt very overwhelmed.  This all came to a screeching halt on the 12th.  I am doing great with the leaving early part.  My two alarms I started setting to tell me when I should leave and when i HAVE TO leave really helped with this goal.  However, everything else was not fulfilling me like I wanted. I had just ended one yoga challenge that day but was suddenly feeling pressure for the other three.  I mean, there were so many tags for hosts and sponsors that I had a cheat sheet and some days, a few poses would not be posted until the day of ( no time for me to plan).  And the time it took to edit and post the video or pictures was taking up my time to eat breakfast and read ( which I was really enjoying ).  So, I did the only thing I could think of.  I quit my last three challenges and bought an organizer (and an address book too).


I never believed the theory that writing down your workouts will help you stay accountable.  But you know what? They are right! (Shut up! I know!).  It took the guess work out of what I was going to do each morning. Yoga is my passion.  But I am also having fun mixing up my workouts to find what works best for me.  I have been going strong since 1/13 and still look forward to my early AM workouts!  The organizer is a life saver.  Seeing my morning scheduled out each day helps with my time management big time!

I have felt like I have been on the go since the holidays.  That is another reason for the organizer. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my activity…


Hanging out with my in-law family in a field in rural PA, eating great food, drinking beer and watching the biggest bonfire I have ever seen.

If you have not seen the news or spent any time on social media this weekend, I will tell you we had our first blizzard on 2016, Jonas.  He was an angry SOB and dumped over 2′ in our area. Dan and I enjoyed being snowed in.  We had snack foods, beer and binge watched NCIS seasons 5-6. Every hour or so we would look out to see the snow getting higher and higher while the wind blew like crazy.  It was pretty to watch.  By Sunday we were ready to get outside.  It was time to dig out.  We let the dogs tag along safely tethered to the garage. However, Greta did not like that Zeus tired to her. So, he was banished to the house where he enjoyed chewing on logs of wood.  Something else Greta does not let him do. Yeah, she’s the alpha dog.

Our weekends have included long drives to nowhere.  Chasing rainbows and racing the sunsets home.  I don’t know about you but January used to give me such a gloomy feel.  All signs of Christmas are packed away for next year.  The farm fields are plowed down and brown, the leaves are all gone.  But if you adjust your eyes and your perspective, you will see the world in a whole new light. I am learning to love this time of year!

This Thursday is my 21st wedding anniversary! We have no plans but weather permitting, I am sure we will go to a nice dinner at a restaurant that we have been wanting to try. There are rumors that we are in for another snow storm on Thursday/Friday so we will see what happens!  Whatever we do, I am sure you will see something about it on Instagram! Haha

Did you do anything out of the norm this month?  

What was your happiest moment? 


5 thoughts on “My Happiness Project – January

  1. How pitiful that I am just getting to your first post of 2016 now? Ugh, sorry. Great to hear that your year was off to a great (and snowy) start!

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