Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveling Yogi

I am had this post floating around in my mind since my road trip over Thanksgiving.  Staying in five hotels over six days made me realize that although yoga CAN be practiced anywhere, there are some things that could make the experience a little more pleasurable.


My main issue was space.  Each hotel we stayed at were either standard rooms or suites.  Each were laid out different bringing on different obstacles each day such as how much space I had to move vs. where to prop up my phone for the best screen shots.  I did not pack my yoga mat because I was trying to pack light.  Instead, I packed a beach towel figuring it would be fine.  I just wanted something to use as a barrier because my and the skeevy carpets. The towel only worked for floor exercises because I forgot about slippage. It’s hard to hold a good downdog when your hands are slipping out in front of you!  Then my mind starting with several “I wish I had this or that” thoughts.  Thus, the idea for a holiday gift guide was born.  You all know how I like a good list.  So, let’s get started!

1 – A travel mat like this  I Glow Travel Yoga Mat by LOLE:  It has an eco-friendly adhesive surface to grip the floor.  It comes in this bright pink color  (my fav!) and it’s only $30.00.  I am thinking this is a must for my next beach trip for use on the tile floor or maybe some sandy beach yoga too!


2 – If you want to pack even lighter, another item on my list is a set of Yoga Paws – the yoga mat you wear on your hands and feet.  These are GENIUS! I have seen these used by yogis all over Instagram and have been wanting a set of my own for a while now. It would make outside yoga so much better with foot and hand protection. Using a mat on uneven ground can be a challenge. They come in four colors and an “elite” set runs you $44.95.


3 – One thing that I did bring with me was my Infinity Strap. There are two types – stretchy or not.  I have a stretchy one and I LOVE IT.  With being in the car for long periods of time, I knew I would be in need of many a good stretch. This strap helps with that.  It is a great tool for getting deeper into a pose or helps to gain flexibility in poses your are learning.  I never travel without it. They have several bundles to choose from but a single strap is $19.99.  I am thinking about getting on to keep in my desk drawer at work as well.



4 – If your yogi does Instagram challenges like I do, then a tripod is a MUST!  Does your partner always ask you to take their pictures while they hold a pose? Then this little secret will be my best tip and you can thank me later.  I wish I had remembered to pack my tripod.  I had a hard time finding a flat surface that was not at an odd angle to prop up my phone. I take video of my practice then screen shot the poses that I upload to Instagram. I have a little “octopus” style one that I can shape the legs on to match any surface. It’s great! You can find many different varieties on Amazon like this little guy:


Some other yoga inspired gift ideas just off the top of my head:  Mat cleaner, essential oils, a new mat, yoga wheel, yoga blocks, yoga tanks/leggings, soy candles, any piece of jewelry with lotus flower/infinity loop/ohm/hand of fatima symbols on them, (Actually, any item with those types of symbols), a new journal, lotions, lip blams….

The list can go on and on!

Tell me what you think. Do you have a favorite travel tip to share? Or maybe there is a “can’t leave home without it” item in your travel kit? If does not have to be yoga related.  Please share! 

Disclaimer: I was not contacted by any of these companies nor was a I compensated for any reviews. All product selection and opinions are my own. 


5 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveling Yogi

  1. demonsonaleash says:

    Oh my word, how did I not know about any of these. Thank you for posting. Really want to try the strap and the yogi paws. 🙂

      • demonsonaleash says:

        Definetly getting the strap. I’ve a few poses that I would love to get a deeper stretch from. No problem! Delighted to have come across your blog.

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