December goal setting

‘Tis the season! Time for shopping, parties, great food and other indulging. It’s only Dec. 2nd and I already feel overwhelmed when I look at my calendar. Every weekend is booked with parties. I am looking forward to the time spent with family and friends. What I am not looking forward to is the hustle and bustle that comes with it. I like to savor the moments of the holiday. I want to continue to live in the moment! So, I think I need to set some goals to help keep me on track. I haven’t made any public goals in a long time and I feel that putting it out there will help me stay sane this holiday season! 

Goal #1 – Meditate daily 

I already have a daily yoga routine. But when I meditate, it brings me to a whole new level of serenity. Taking a few minutes at the start of my day to set an intention and quiet the mind helps me to focus better. The act of meditating could be sitting on the floor taking meditative breaths and repeating a mantra, trail walking, journaling or even staring aimlessly out a window with your coffee watching the sunrise. Just be still, clear your mind and breathe. 

Goal #2 – Move more 

Since I have stopped running months ago, I have gained some weight back that I fought so hard to keep off. Dresses that I purchased last winter aren’t fitting me like they did. Now that it’s prime indulging season, I really need to get my butt moving in the morning. I have so many inspiring friends! I need to channel them at 5:00 am and get out of bed! 

Goal 3 – Don’t overindulge 

Along with the previous goal, I need to watch not just what I am eating but more in importantly how much! I believe in the 80/20 rule. I keep to this much of the time choosing my best options possible. Since I don’t eat a lot of desert, the 20 percent is mostly beer or french fries. I know this is my downfall and will be cutting back on these two things as well. If I can get through the season not gaining MORE weight, I will be a happy lady. I am not restricting myself because I want to have fun but it all comes down to portion control. 

Goal 4 – Blog more! 

I have so much in my head to get out! I don’t want this blog to fade and die. This is kind of like my journaling. 

Goal 5 – Be present 

This is the most important goal of all. I think to be fully present, the other goals need to fall into place. These goals are to help me stress less. They all exercise either my body or mind leading to a happy existence overall. 

My biggest gift I can give to my loved ones is to give them my time and attention. 

I hope you have a very special and magical holiday season. Play, sing and dance like no one is watching!


~ Mary 


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    • It is very hard to fit in! WordPress’ phone app has made improvements so I am trying to use that more. Or schedule posts. You’ll see me for coffee this Saturday 🙂 It’s all ready to post!

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