My Happiness Project ~October


This month has been so crazy! I have been wanting to sit down and write some things but for some reason, I just have not had time to devote to it.  I did not want October to go by without a #MyHappinessProject recap! Considering this is the 2nd installment, that would be a total fail on my part and I can’t let that happen.  So, if I was to sit with you and talk about all things happy this month, this is what I would say….

31st Pennridge Crop Walk

31st Pennridge Crop Walk

We had beautiful weather for this year’s Crop Hunger Walk and a great turn out from the community.  I am still in the process of my treasurer duties which should be completed in the next week or two.  As the lead speaker for the group, this year brought on not one but TWO times that public speaking was needed.  This was a HUGE fear to face and I am happy to report I pulled both off very well.

Janina and Luke


Both sides of my family tree welcomed babies this month.  Janina was born on 10/22 and Luke arrived a week earlier on the 13th. Exciting times for sure!

Fall colors

Fall colors

I do not have one picture that does the fall color justice. This was taken two weeks ago as we drove up to the Pocanos to have dinner with family.  This is my favorite time of year.  Last week, the colors were absolutely gorgeous!  The leaves were at their peek and I could feel their glow within me.  Even though this picture was taken on a cold and cloudy day, any drive in the mountains makes me happy!

I won over Maggie

I won over Maggie

Grandma Long

Grandma Long

Speaking of meeting up with family… Dan’s grandma is up from Florida so we got a chance to visit with her. Dan’s dad and uncle were there along with our sister Meg and her youngest Maggie. This was Maggie’s first time meeting Grandma so it was an extra special visit.  It was nice catching up but my most memorable part was making up stories with Maggie about the koi fish that they had in the front of the restaurant.  This kid has a great imagination! We also had a balance contest.  She is a natural at Warrior III ;0)

There is one last thing that I am excited to share….



We are taking a road trip!  We were going to plan on a trip to FL to see Grandma but since she’s here, we are taking another direction.  Allyson has an event in Houston on Black Friday so she suggested we drive with her instead of her flying. What a great idea! Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to have this family vacation. We do not have it all planned out yet but we know we will be in NOLA for one full day and Houston another day.  Any other stop will be just for a night.  For us, road trips are more about the journey then the destination. I look forward to recapping this for next month’s happiness project!

That’s it for me this month!  We are not into Halloween so there are no custom ideas to discuss.  I wish I was more into the holiday but since we do not have little kids in the house, it’s just another day for us.

What about you? Did you have any moments this month that made you happy?


5 thoughts on “My Happiness Project ~October

  1. Thanks Deb – glad I was missed! I really need to use my WordPress app more and get my blog posts out. Except for work, I am rarely at a computer. I always forget I have the app! So much to say but never think to type it!

  2. I’m with you, fall is the most beautiful time of the year. Apart from the colour explosion and golden days, what I like about it is that it teaches us to enjoy the present. It’s over so quickly, that it really makes us appreciate the here and now.

    I’m so proud of you for facing your fear of public speaking and rocking it! That’s a huge fear to conquer, I bet it felt incredible. Enjoy your road trip! Road trips are the best. 🍂🍃

    • This past week, I would have sat and watched the trees all day, every day. You are right, it’s over in a blink of the eye. You need to be in the moment because not it’s gone!

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