When words lose their meaning, retire them

I was listening to an interview on The Hoda Show the other day while driving home. I was skimming the channels on my Sirius radio when I heard Hoda was talking about manners with her guest, Mister Manners. I quickly took my finger off the forward button. They spoke about what your handshake says about you, using eye contact, disconnecting yourself from your mobile devices (especially when people are talking to you)… Then the topic of overused words and phrases came up. Mister Manners was using amazing and awesome as examples of words that are so overused, they are losing their meaning and should be retired. Phrases such as, “It is what it is” and “So, like” should be retired too. Haha! You might as well tape my mouth shut now because I say these things all the time! However, prior to hearing this interview, I was becoming aware of my repetativness. Constantly commenting on IG posts that a yoga pose or a great hiking view was awesome or amazing was getting old. I am tired of using them myself! I have been trying to make an effort to use other words such as stunning or beautiful.  

I am not sure about hairy or zero cool… Maybe someone can explain those. LOL 

As for “It is what it is” when talking about a situation, he suggests referring to it as unfortunate or unavoidable. 

You know a phrase is mainstream when Alex and Ani make it a charm. And yes, I want it! 

As part of making 40 my BEST YEAR EVER, I am determined to pay closer attention to my words. The English language is full of them! Why limit myself to a handful of old tired ones? 

Tell me: Are there words or phrases that you use to much? 


10 thoughts on “When words lose their meaning, retire them

  1. It’s so hard finding new phrases when commenting a lot! I am definitely guilty of overusing both amazing and awesome. Some of the synonyms on the list seem totally wrong, but I may start using magnificent again! A few years ago Rich used it ALL THE TIME, driving the kids and me crazy. But now I think it’s time to give it a go again 🙂

    • Some of the words did seam misplaced on that list. I know someone that always uses superb. That used to drive me crazy. Now it’s just part of her charm. I say you bring magnificent back!

  2. My friend and I have a running list of words we hate from the business world that are overused and annoying. We started it years ago and always find new words to add to it. The title of our document: Buzzword Buzzkills. 🙂

  3. You are so right. I have gotten into being a bit repetitive with my speech as well and I am feeling a little bit dumb because of it! Definitely need to pay more attention and try to use words that still convey some meaning from now on!

  4. Ha I talk like a 16 year old on text messages lately. Everything is awesome, cool, great, or perfect and other slang…I started saying them to be ironic now I just sound like I’m a few marbles short of a full bag- LOL! I like Deborah am not fan of it is what it is…I feel like the it can be anything you want it to be you just have to find the magic. I don’t know it’s not one that strikes me in fact for me it’s one saying that has no meaning.

    • Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by! I really had no idea how “It is was it is” meant to people ( or not for that matter ) until I wrote this post. I am trying to erase it from my vocabulary going forward. As for the other words? That is still a struggle but a work in progress. hahaha

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