My very own happiness project



I am really excited about this new project! Last August when I turned 39, I thought about doing SOMETHING to make my last year of my 30’s something memorable. I thought about running X amount of miles, tossed around a few more ideas but nothing felt genuine. Nothing felt right.  So, it never took off for me. 

This time around, I feel like I am in a better place. Maybe it’s all the yoga. Maybe it’s something else beyond explanation… A calling of sorts. It just feels right. What am I talking about you ask? 
Starting in August, I am going to really focus on things that make me happy. There is no set of rules to follow. No monthly themes either. (That would not make me happy!) It should be fun! I will tag my IG posts #MyHappinessProject and try to do a monthly recap here on the old blog. 

What do I hope to get out of this project besides the obvious? I don’t know… That’s what is so great about this. Maybe I will try new things. Maybe I will rekindle a love for something that has been long forgotten. Or MAYBE I will inspire others to find happiness in their lives! That would be the best gift ever! 


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