How my daily yoga practice saved my weekend

Sometimes when I wake up, my mind starts going a mile a minute and the next thing I know, I have the most epic blog post written… in my head. By the time I get to type it all out, the fire is gone along with most of what I wanted to say or how to word it.  Sigh…

Anyway, how was your holiday weekend? I have to say mine was A-Ma-Zing. It started with having Friday off from work which gave me time to prep the food for our picnic on the 4th.  The weather on Saturday was perfect temps.  Sure it rained in the morning but it basically stayed low humidity for the day. This is how the summer has been this year.  A few days of hot and humid, rain, a few days of low humidity. It is the perfect mix.

Our daughter, Allyson, surprised us by coming home for the party.  She drove 6 hours and timed it just right knowing if she came before the party ( say, on Friday )  we would have made her help clean the house. She’s right and I can’t blame her for that!  LOL It was a great surprise and totally made my weekend. 

We had a birthday cake ( with singing and candles ) as both Dan and I both turn 40 this summer.  There was tons of food, beer, yard games and ended the night with fireworks for the kids. We had a great time.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling so sore from my head to my toes.  Even though I did my yoga on Friday and Saturday morning, two straight days of cooking, cleaning and being on my feet for most of the time really took it’s toll on my body. All I wanted to do was some serious yoga to stretch it all out.  After a good 20 minutes, I was refreshed ( not hurting anymore) and ready to start my day. We finished cleaning up the yard before taking Al to breakfast. She drove back to school after that so we took a long drive in the mountains. Dan had decided he wanted to find where his grandfather was buried.  We did finally find the cemetery thanks to my memory after 14 years.  I tell you, he has a great view overlooking Nazareth, PA and the surrounding valley! You can even see the top of the steeple of the Lutheran church where he was the minister for many years. I love the thought of that.

 On Monday, I had to work in the morning but we had tickets later to see the Foo Fighters!  There was a threat of thunderstorms but we chanced it anyway.  I am so glad we did!  It ended up not raining. The lightning stayed over the river as it passed through and there was this awesome breeze that made it a perfect night for an outside concert. This is one of our all time favorite bands and we always have a good time.  Each show gets longer and better then the last.  Dave Grohl is the man.  I love him to death- much respect for that great mind of his. We had lawn “seats” and as the show started, it was packed. They played for just short of three hours. That is a lot of standing, dancing and yes some head banging too. This is where my daily yoga practice came in to play. Typically, within an hour of standing, my lower back would start to hurt and be fully blown out by the end. The only issue I had in the beginning was some numb toes. I will admit I started to panic a little and wonder what was I thinking buying tickets that don’t come with a chair to sit in? But I quickly pushed that negativity aside. With some posture checks and shoulder/foot stretches, I managed to get through it with no trouble at all. I only sat through two songs to give my legs a break. I can not tell you how many years it has been since I walked away from a concert pain free. Sure my legs were tired and expected to wake up today a little hobbled. But actually, I felt great this morning! Since we got home late, I allowed myself extra time to sleep in and leave my mat time to the evening. It probably would have helped to wake me up. But from all the late nights this weekend,  I needed sleep. 

I truly believe that as you age past your 20’s, you need to keep moving and stay flexible. Like Tom Petty sang, “If you don’t run, you rust.” That has been my motto for years. And last night, it really rang true. I am not saying you have to do yoga since that is what worked for me. But if you feel stiff, you have poor circulation, or your back hurts, get up and start moving! Five minutes a day will become a habit that will grow into 10, 15, 30 minutes as time goes on. I promise you will thank yourself and wish you started sooner. Think of it as free physical (and mental) therapy! 

So tell me: How did you spend your holiday? 

What is your favorite way to get rid of everyday aches and pains? 


11 thoughts on “How my daily yoga practice saved my weekend

  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about regular exercise! It does wonders for our bodies. Somewhere on Instagram I read a quote that says “Most people don’t know how amazing our bodies are supposed to feel like”, and even after just 4 months of daily yoga I agree wholeheartedly. That time on the mat makes us so much stronger, happier and more resilient! It’s not about losing weight or toning up (even though they are nice benefits!), but about being the best versions of us we can be. Everything else in life is more enjoyable! I love the yoga life ❀

    • Exactly Miriam! That is a great quote! I love hearing about how yoga or other new workouts make people feel. My sister (53) was telling me that she tried yoga for the first time and liked it. She did the “ten yoga poses for beginners”. That made me so happy! I hope she sticks with it.

  2. How awesome that your daughter came home, what a great surprise! Jealous you got to see Foo Fighter, they are my sisters all time favorite band and her first dance was to Everlong!

    • I thin this was our third or fourth time seeing them. It is always a great show. That is so awesome about their wedding song! I told my husband that if we ever did a vow renewal, I wanted to have our dance song be Everlong – the acoustic version or have my friend perform it on his guitar. Love that song!

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