Answering the call (aka going hiking)

This past weekend I got my wish and made it to the mountains. The journey was a little frustrating. Dan and I intended to walk the tow path at Lehigh Gorge but could not find the parking area (even though we have been there before). So, after driving around for two hours decided to bag it and go to another nearby park. On the way, we came upon an accident and the road was closed. So, we took the next right to detour. The road quickly deteriorated and became an off roading adventure. 

It was a muddy, huge water filled pot holes, one lane road. That was a lot of fun and took away the doubt and frustration from both of our moods! I can’t say the other cars that followed us felt the same.

Finally arriving at the next park, we decided to head towards one of the lakes to check out the hiking there. Even though it was a small lake, it took us wandering in the forest basically in circles for a mile until we got on the right path. The trails were not marked very well but the views were beautiful. 


There was a lot of creek crossing and went through tunnels few times….


We even had a friendly deer hang out for a few minutes. 

We ended up hiking for just over 7.5 miles in three hours. The whole time we walked, my neck didn’t hurt and I was totally relaxed. The minute I got home though, BAAM! Neck pain. See? I need to be in the woods. It heals me from the inside.  It soothes my soul. 

So, what’s up next?  I have to start planning for your big 4th of July party. I haven’t sent the “formal” Facebook invite yet. It pretty much falls together anyway so I am not stressing. I have a review to post (not sure how to go about it). I am most excited for the Foo Fighter’s concert next month. Hopefully it won’t be cancelled due to Dave’s broken leg. But if so, I would hope it would be on my birthday 8/8! What better way to celebrate the big 40 then to see your favorite band live with your best man and a few of your best friends? Well, we’ll see how it plays out anyway. 

I am typing this on my phone. I always forget about this app! If I can remember that it’s here, maybe I would post more! 

Anywho…. I wanted to share my hike within you all. I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday! 


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