Lately… Running, Yoga and Listening To Your Body

Happy April!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter / Passover.  I know I enjoyed my time with my both sides of my family.  The weather the past few days have been so nice which is also a pleasant surprise.

I was really proud of myself on Friday.  Now that I have been getting up every morning and getting 20 minutes of yoga in, I made the decision to try running first thing in the morning too. This is the only way I see fitting running back in to my schedule. It was unseasonably warm out so I figured it was the best day as any to get moving.  I borrowed a friend’s head lamp, donned a red flashing light on my back and headed out in to the pre-dawn darkness.  I did 2 miles round trip and LOVED IT! This was my first time running since fall. My times were not bad at all staying around 11:37 per mile.  That’s normal for me anyway.  So, now I need to get to LL Bean and buy myself a light just like the one I borrowed so I can do this more regularly.


I was really surprised at how comfortable this light was!  It didn’t bounce, dig into my forehead or give me a headache (major bonus!). My calves were killing me for 2 days making walking difficult but it was a welcome soreness.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that a new round of challenges have begun. This month I joined 4 yoga challenges and 2 specifically for abs.  I was all ready to push myself in hopes that the ab challenges will help jump start a new cardio routine in the morning. I had a great first week!  Then on Saturday, it started… that annoying twinge along my lower back / hip area. I knew if I moved the wrong way, the muscle would completely spaz out and I would be down for the count. I did what I know to do: walk, certain yoga poses, just take it easy.  It went away!  Then on Sunday during what was a great first 15 minutes of yoga, WHAM! It cramped up. Holy Mother, blinding white light, loss of breath pain.

Right there - back of left hip

Right there – back of left hip

For some reason this happens every year around this time.  It also happens when I stand for to long which is weird too.  Being a naturally competitive person, I have learned over the past year to put my ego aside and not push through the pain. This would mean not participating fully in the ab challenge and posting modified yoga poses when the pose of the day is not accessible. The key here is to get on my mat every day and listen to my body.  Each day the pain gets less.  I can raise my left leg but I can not balance on it like I can the right side. I can elongate the muscle but not compress it even the slightest.  No jumping which also means no running ( sadly ). It’s a punch to the gut knowing it’s a set back but I can’t be stupid about it.   I am hoping to be back to normal by this weekend. Up until last year, I would have sidelined for 1-3 months!

In other news, I am working with getting started with a protein company as an ambassador. I am excited about that!  More on that story in the upcoming month or two.

I joined Fabletics and loved my first experience with them. Their sports bras are so soft!! the shorts are a tad short for my taste but I justify as it will be dark out, no one will see me anyway!

I have vacation in 3.5 more weeks!  I am looking forward to just being off. We have no real plans right now.  We will mainly be getting some projects done around the house. Maybe we will paint like we planned to do last year but never got to.  That is also my big gardening week.  I have a TON of clean up to do thanks to me procrastinating back in the fall.  It will look nice then it’s done though.

So tell me…. Do you have any big spring plans?

What is your favorite kind of outdoor workout?

I am linking up today with my friend Miriam @ and a bunch of other fabulous women.  Come over and see what’s going on!

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7 thoughts on “Lately… Running, Yoga and Listening To Your Body

  1. Getting over one’s ego is incredibly hard. I have to constantly remind myself not to compare myself with others, but to focus on my own journey.
    Having an injury sucks! I hope you will recover fast, and maybe even overcome your hip pain with the healing powers of yoga. 🙂
    Doing 6 challenges is impressive! I still only do the one, will maybe join a second one – the #aprilshowersmakeyogiflowers sounds good.
    Thanks so much for linking up Mary!

    • I was happy to have something to contribute to the link up this week!
      This is a lot of challenges for me but so far I am handling it. I do find it frustrating though when a pose isn’t posted by the end of the evening the night before and sometimes not until mid morning day of! I need to plan this out! LOL
      I have a yoga flow that a friend gave me last year for this injury and it’s my go to every time now. It works wonders!!

    • Last night my husband read the Rock Your Core calendar and asked what the heck a “crunchy frog” was and reminded me to make I did them. LOL Making AM workouts routine was always a struggle but this time around it’s sticking. Five months and counting!

  2. Is it weird that I am jealous that you got to put on a headlamp and run first thing in the AM? The weather here is still a bit too cold for me to WANT to subject myself to cold temps first thing in the AM but I am looking forward to warmer weather and the first thing I will be doing is strapping my headlamp on and heading out the door at 5:30AM sharp! 😉

    • Well, that morning was freakishly warm if that helps! I still haven’t purchased my own headlamp so I haven’t ran since. We have a store about 40 mins from my house so that is keeping me from buying on line to avoid shipping LOL

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