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As a Sweat Pink ambassador, I have access to some pretty sweet opportunities. This review is one of them. I was given 2 free months of to try out in exchange for an honest review.  I was excited to find out I was chosen for this.  It was the beginning of February and I was still fresh on that “New Year! New You!” mentality.  Right away I got on the website and set up an account.

There are videos for everyone level of fitness broken down by categories: Cardio, strength & sculpt, yoga, Kickbox & box, Dance & Barre, Flexibility and last but not least, abs.  You can break this down further but searching the list of amazing trainers.

The first thing I found exciting was the free training plans.

training plan

I decided to jump on board with this 4-week challenge.  I did not stick with it like I hoped to no ones fault but my own.  After the first week, I lost a lot of my motivation.  This seems to happen every year in February. So I WILL be restarting this plan or setting up another one.

That said, I can tell you what I love about it.  First off, the trainers hold my interest. How many times have you purchased a video or signed up for an online training system and ended up loathing the workouts because the instructors were SO BORING? Been there, done that.  That was not the case of me – finally! When I had 2 dance videos come up in one week, I rolled my eyes because I swore I would not like it.  But, I jumped right in and LOVED IT!  I am a new fan of dance workouts.Jennifer Galardi and also the ladies from Body Boom Club have a new fan.  They made the workouts flirty and fun.  Even someone as uncoordinated as I was able to keep up! Score!

Each week you get an email with your workout schedule. schedule

You can drill in to the video on the  website by clicking on the blue link.  I love this shortcut!  I am not a morning person so short cuts are welcome. You can also view your weekly training plan online which looks like this:


Each video gives you a description, what level intensity and if you need any equipment.

Besides the training plans, you can chose any other workout that you want.  Say you only have 10 minutes to get in a good heart pumping sweat session. You can search based on the time limit! They really thought of everything here.

The only downside if there is no app.  Hopefully they will eventually get one what works with Windows ( that’s the tablet I have) as well as Android and Apple.  But it’s still accessible on by phone and tablet via the web so that’s cool with me.

I would love to share 1 free month to a lucky winner ( $8.99 value ).  You will need to use a credit card to set up your new account. Good luck!! 

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4 thoughts on “Workout at home with

  1. Tricia says:

    I would love to win this! I think I would really use the worksouts by time I have available. Sometimes I only have about 15-20 and would like to get something in but usually I get in only 5-10 minutes for lack of what to do. Thanks for this giveaway!

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