Influenster #FrostyVoxBox review -Did everything make the cut?

Disclaimer – the following post is regarding complementary items that I received to test and review was part of participation with Influenster.

He there!  Last month I received this Vox Box with a bunch of goodies inside.  Since Allyson was home on her winter break, we both had the opportunity to test some of the items together and compare notes. I decided it would be fun to make this partly a mother/daughter review! frosty

Let’s talk starting with the Red Vines.  Allyson really liked the Red Vines.  She ended up eating them all except the few I tried.  I am a Twizzler girl at heart.  I thought RV tasted like plastic.  Allyson thinks that of Twizzlers…so it’s all about personal taste here.

Rimmel London – There were two Rimmel items in this box. First lets start with the Scandaleyes waterproof eye liner in black.  We both really liked this one.  Allyson prefers the black liner on the upper lid look.  I had actually NEVER worn black liner before last month.  Brown goes better with my eyes.  So, this was new for me. Thoughts – I am hooked on the look!  Why was a so shy about going this wild before now?!  We agree that the pencil glides on smooth. It does not transfer to the upper part of your eye lid.  It is also easy to take it off with baby oil which is our go to makeup remover.

Speaking of taking it off, we also received Rimmel London’s waterproof make-up remover.  When I first tried this, I was wearing basic mascara sans shadow.  I like the non-greasy feel (feels like water really) and it did not irritate my eyes.  It also took the mascara off in just  few strokes.  BUT I later tried it with the Rimmel liner and waterproof mascara and it failed miserably. It made the mascara flake off, my face was a mess and the liner didn’t budge.  We both were not impressed and had to reach for the baby oil to get cleaned up. Based on comments from others on social media, most people had the same opinion.

Celestial Seasonings – Candy Cane Lane I didn’t share this one… haha! I was so happy to find a sample pack of this tea.  This is actually one of my favorite seasonal teas.  This is a green tea infused with the flavors of cool peppermint, vanilla and cinnamon.  It’s a great treat to have on it’s own or with a few shortbread cookies.  If you love candy canes, I recommend trying this one.

Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum.  Obviously, there was no reason for Allyson and her young flawless skin to sample this one.  Allyson said I don’t need it because I already look her age.  She always knows the right thing to say.  I was given a sample pouch of this product and I really wish it was a few pouches or a full size bottle. I managed to make this last for almost 2 weeks since a little dab will do ya. My thoughts? I loved this item!  I have a few laugh lines forming… maybe a few little brow creases… nothing to stress over.  Their website claims:

“After 2 weeks, skin looks younger and more radiant; by 4 weeks skin looks clearer, and fine lines are visibly reduced. Results keep getting better with continued use. 80% of women said this serum provided the best anti-aging results they had ever seen.”

My skin looked even and felt smooth after applying like it does when you use a face primer. After a few days, I do think my skin looked clearer and brighter too.  The $22.99 price tag is more then I would generally spend for skincare but I think this is worth it.  I was given a coupon in my box as well so I will take advantage of the discount and pick up a bottle.

EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush – Allyson likes this company.  She has used their makeup brushes in the past.  This was my first experience with them.  Neither of us were not impressed with this brush.  I found it hard to get the bristles through my hair ( which is not thin nor thick ).  Allyson agrees.  when you put it to your head, it only goes through the top layer without force.  I tried blow drying my hair and their claim that it dries your hair 20″ faster due to the venting design was true.  However, I had to press the blower into the brush to hold the hair onto the bristles to straighten my hair.  It was awkward and frustrating. I was hoping to like this product but we were both disappointed.  Needless to say, this did not end up in Allyson’s back to school bags either.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum – I was not sure what to expect with this since I have never purchased this brand before. We both with happy with the result!  I did not ask Allyson her opinion on this one since she only tried it on. This is becoming one of my favorite lipsticks. I typically wear gloss or lip balm with color because they are less drying and subtle (at least the ones I buy).  First off, the Sugar Plum color is one I would have picked out.  I have gotten so many compliments on this shade! It lasts all day through cups of tea, coffee and my water bottle~ Not to mention lunch.  I will need to reapply it if going to dinner. I think that is a great testament for one application! It lasts much longer then most of my other brands. It is not drying at all either.

I did get one other item in my box – McCormick’s Gourmet thyme seasoning. I like the smell of thyme. I have a bunch of it growing in my flower gardens.  Sometimes I will carry a little branch around just to inhale it’s aroma.  I actually do cook with it too and love the flavor as well. My favorite way to use it is quite simple actually.  I will grill up whole tomatoes or bake some stuffed peppers and top them off with a breadcrumb, Parmesan cheese and thyme mixture and let it brown on top of the pepper/tomato.  It is so good!

Anyway, that is my #frostyvoxbox review. I hope you find this information helpful!

Do you use any of these brands?  What is your go-to make-up item? 


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