My life guide to happiness for 2015

Happy New Year 2015! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. I know I did! I am actually on the downward slide of finishing up my vacation from work which started with Christmas Day. I had made a promise to myself to live in the moment with my focus on family during this time. As I sit here, house totally silent except for the sound of the fireplace blazing, I feel blessed to have been able to spend my time with so many great people. Dan has had this time off too which was great! We don’t always get the same time off at Christmas. So this year felt extra special. Allyson goes back to school on the third. Her six week winter break is ending too. I am really going to miss having her here.

Typically on the blog in years past, I would set out goals for the year and smaller ones for the month. Although I think goal setting is very important, I am not putting too much focus on any one major thing like losing weight or working out more. These are two on going goals that I don’t feel I need to write down to make happen. I feel secure in this lifestyle I have created over the past few years and I know I will only have more success as the year progresses.

I do have a few things I do want to focus on in 2015.
First- I want to continue the philosophy of living in the moment. To just be. To take the time to appreciate what God and life has given me.

Second- To work on myself from the inside. This goes along with the above but with more focus on less self judgement. I came to this conclusion during a random conversation with a total stranger about a random fashion trend: head wraps. You know the ones I am talking about. I got two for Christmas. I purposely asked for them because wearing things on my head (even when running) is completely out of my comfort zone. Mainly because I think wearing hats or other head gear with glasses is hard to pull off. This is an example of what I mean. I internalize things and will talk myself out of wearing something I think is cute because of the negative reaction I THINK others will have. It’s time to stop that. Like this stranger reminded me of: Once that seed of self doubt is planted, it’s roots run deep. You can get 20 positive reactions but it only takes one negative to knock you back down.
Yep- leave it to me to compliment someone on a head wrap she is wearing, strike up a conversation and have her occupation be a therapist. LOL

Third- I want to continue downsizing. It’s not that our house is cluttered. But I have things tucked away in closets and other storage space that we have been holding on to that we really do not need. I would love to make my own space for yoga and working out that is not surrounded by bookshelves or storage containers filled with junk.

And fourth- I want to drop back into a backbend and get over my fear of handstands. That’s not to much to ask. Right?

So, there it is. This is “Mary’s Guide to Life” in 2015. I look forward to this new year and the adventures it will take me on. I look forward to warmer days and longer hours of sunlight so I can get back into yoga on my deck and early evening runs in the park. Above all else, I look forward to finding new ways that make me happy.

Tell me: Do you have any big goals for 2015? Or any big events happening this year that you are looking forward to?



8 thoughts on “My life guide to happiness for 2015

  1. These are wonderful goals to focus on! I think most of us can sympathize with creating these negative images in our head (I certainly can!), and you are right: we have to stop that!
    Good luck with your resolutions! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

  2. Happy New Year!
    I am stealing your #1 and #2.
    #3 – done already when I moved into a tiny condo.
    #4 – hahaha. Will never happen for me. You can have that one all for yourself.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want from 2015, but yoga is one my list. I’m trying to get into some sort of exercise routine. I’ve actually found I really like doing 30 day challenges in yoga to help get into a routine. Best of luck in 2015!!

    • I just got into a morning routine of getting up and getting in my yoga. I started with the time change which made it a lottle easier. Do you do any instagram yoga challenges? I dind that they keep me motivated. There is still plenty of time to jump on board if interested. I am @fourthehealthofit. Thanks for stopping by!

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