Making morning workouts a habit

Last week, I posted on Facebook that I really need to give morning workouts another try. Starting today, I am getting up a little early before work and make this a habit or else! Have I mentioned before that I am NOT a morning person?  I would rather sleep late and stay in bed watching TV until noon then get up and move. Things never used to be this way.  As I get older though, the worse it is getting.

Now that my daughter is in college, cooking for two is a chore Especially when one does not eat most carbs (hubs) and the other does not eat dairy (moi), cooking can be difficult. Dishes? UGH… Add in the fact that hubs works from home and all he wants to do it get the heck out of the house once he is done.  Quitting time for him is never the same either so that get’s hard to time dinner just right too. So, we go out to eat most nights.  It’s easier this way. This however, causes me to not want to skip my workout but also not wanting to go to dinner all sweaty from a run or what not.  So, the past two weeks, I have skipped them. The only consistency has been yoga. I have to say though, I miss running.

The same day that I posted on Facebook declaring this last ditch effort to make this morning workout thing a habit, I ran into 2 other posts with tips on how to do just that. One was from one of my favorite running blogs regarding how to use the time change to your advantage.  Lea is always full of helpful tips. Check her out over at Running with Ollie.

The second one was totally random.  One of those “so-and-so and your cousin’s best friend’s girlfriend likes this page” .  It was for Run To The Finish with the headline “Should you workout in the morning?”  I am a girl that looks for signs. Two in one day after making my proclamation to the Facebook world?  Say no more.  Hint taken.

Now to get excited about this! I bought a new pair of yoga pants. I  warned my husband that I was going to get up earlier then normal (6:30AM after hitting snooze three times=normal).  I wrote down the HIIT that I wanted to do.  I even slept in my workout clothes last night to I’d be ready on Monday morning.

So how did I do?FullSizeRender

Monday – alarm set for 5:30.  I turned it off instead of hitting snooze then finally got up at 5:45.  I fed the dogs, made the coffee then headed down to the family room.  I managed to get in a full Sun Salutation flow, 10 teasers and then a bunch of other hip opening yoga for 20 minutes. The night before I held a plank for 1:05 but this morning I lasted 20 seconds before the lower back pain started again.  I did not want to push it. So, I ended with some stretches that help loosen that spot up. I ate like crazy and drank a ton of water/tea. I lasted until 2:30 before I had a small cup of coffee ( my second of the day ).  Otherwise, I was not dragging like I normally would be at the end of the day.  Started to get sleepy by 8:00PM and was in bed by 10:00.

Tuesday – Got up at 5:50 and made my way to the family room for 20 minutes of yoga/pilates. My plank was :40 long. Dan was up already so he took care of the coffee and dogs which was a huge time saver for me! Energy levels were up all day.  I had my second cup of coffee in the afternoon but felt I could use a nap by 5:00pm.  I stayed up to watch SOA which wasn’t over until 11:30 and I was so keyed up from the episode.  I am not sure what time I actually fell asleep but it was past midnight.

Wednesday – My alarm went off at 5:30.  I turned it off and the next thing I knew it was 6:30 which is the normal time I need to get up in order to still make it to work on time. Needless to say there was no workout this morning. I felt sluggish.  I was having trouble focusing and I had my 2nd cup of coffee by 9:00AM.  This is how I always felt every morning (except for the previous two days).  I was asleep by 11:00.

Thursday – Same thing – Alarm off at 5:30 got up at 6:00.  I got in another 20 minutes yoga and my plank was :43.  I don’t know if it was the dreary, cold weather that was giving me a headache or the fact that I was so freakin exhausted all day. I worked late too which was not helping.  When I got home at 6:00 I could have passed out if I put my head down. I had some things to take care of at home which took up my whole evening.  I was asleep by 10:30.

Friday – I have been good all week!  Not hitting snooze but still getting up by 6:00 at the latest to get moving.  Well, all except Wednesday.  This morning I was still feeling the stress of the day before. The dogs are getting on my nerves too so I ended up with 10 minutes of yoga and called it a morning. My mind was not in it today. But, I got up and I tried instead of rolling over and sleeping for another 30 minutes.  Am I happy with quitting early today?  No but I will get over it. Tomorrow is another day.

Presently – I am sitting at my desk having a hard time focusing on my computer screen. I feel a headache coming on. All I can think about though is the one fish pose I need to do for one of my Instagram challenges.  I did not like the way picture looked this morning – part of my mood I guess… It is lunch time however and feeding time always makes me happy.

Overall, I am proud of myself for making it through the week.  Historically, I never got past Tuesday. I know this is an adjustment and my body will get used to this new schedule.  This weekend, I hope to stick to it and not sleep until 9-10AM.  I can sleep in a little bit but I don’t want to waste the morning. I am trying to switch back to drinking tea instead of coffee.  Coffee has only been a habit for a few years. Before that, I only drank tea.  I would prefer to cut it out during work hours. I find that when I feel like crap, I drink more coffee to get through the day. The strong coffee is not helping that.  Funny thing is, I started to drink coffee because I felt like crap in the mornings and couldn’t shake the low feeling until mid day.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Sorry this was so long and there are no pictures to make it pretty.  Thanks for sticking around until the end.  What about you? Do you struggle to get it together in the morning too?



7 thoughts on “Making morning workouts a habit

  1. I used to struggle with getting up early. But then, like you, came to the realization that if I didn’t do it in the morning, exercise wasn’t happening as much as I would like. Stick with it, trust me. At some point it will become a habit, like showering in the morning and brushing your teeth — you feel crappy and like something is missing all day when you miss. 🙂

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