The Craving Monster

This morning I had a fasting blood test.  I dread the fasting ones.  This girl needs to stay on her feeding scheduling or the whole day is out of balance.

First I feel like this:


Then I get irritable:


So, after my test, I needed to feed. I stopped at McD’s for a sausage and Egg Mc Muffin, hold the cheese.  I even ate the nasty deep fried hash browns. Did they improve their sandwiches or was I just REALLY hungry that I enjoyed it? I never eat at fast food places like this unless I am in a pinch.  It’s been years since I had an Egg McMuffin but I remember not liking it back then.

Anyway, after I eat, I always feel better.  However, it takes all day to feel satisfied because I crave things.


This guy shows up and fills my head with things not obtainable without making an effort to go out and buy the craved item.  Today, it is coffee cake. The good kind with the thick layer of cinnamon and brown sugar on top.  I want it like an addict wants crack.  It’s all I can think about. Why? Who knows why it’s this cake and not a cookie or something else. It’s just random. I don’t eat coffee cake except maybe once a year because I will eat it every morning if I could.  It’s a good thing for my waistline that I am too lazy to make an effort to satisfy the craving.  It’s not always like this. Sometimes I must feed the beast! Today is not that day.

I will keep telling myself that I do not need it while I sip my green tea.  I will look forward to my Kind snack bar in the afternoon too.  A yoga break will help take my mind off it too.  Even as I type this, I feel a little less edgy.  Talking it out always helps any situation. Am I right?

It’s almost lunch time. I resisted the urge to order desert from the restaurant everyone else is ordering from today. I will have my salad with chicken and squash and enjoy every bite. And later, once the work day is done, I will be heading out to happy hour with some friends from work.  By then I will be hungry again.  I’ll order myself some wings which will make me a happy camper.  Balance will be restored and I can look forward to a good breakfast tomorrow.

When you crave, do you give in or resist the urge? 


4 thoughts on “The Craving Monster

    • LOL I had wings that night for dinner instead.
      You were on my mind this morning. I was going to email you to see how thing were. You’ve been so quiet! I hope life is treating you well 🙂

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