Friday’s 5 – Top Summer Moments

September…. It seems like as soon as Labor Day happens, a few changes take place. It is instantly darker in the morning. I need to defrost my car windshield. Spider webs pop up everywhere. And all things pumpkin and spice go on sale.
This summer has been amazing! The weather was perfect with low humidity most days. I spent most of my free time outside. I loved every second of it! I am not quite ready to give in to early sunsets and pumpkin lattes.

Here are my top five summer moments in pictures:

1. Running a 5K with friends


2. Hiking through the rhododendrons


3. Running with my daughter


4. Sister’s weekend at the beach


5. Yoga challenges and taking it outside


There were soAny more great moments but these are the ones that really stick out.
I am on vacation as of 4:30 this afternoon (Woo Hoo!). I will be making more memories starting with the Lorde concert tonight with the family. Then we will be camping next week. Allyson goes back to school on Monday and Wednesday we will hopefully be hiking waterfalls. There are a few more weeks left before it’s officially fall. I plan to hold on to summer as long as I can!

What is your favorite moment of summer 2014?


6 thoughts on “Friday’s 5 – Top Summer Moments

    • It’s finally humid here too. I can do without it! LOL I am really looking forward to this trip. My husband and I haven’t been off for a whole week together and actually had plans in a very long time!

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