Any night runners out there?

runneratsunsetOr how about pre-dawn runners?  I can really use your advice on safety gear.  I am an early evening runner. I’ve tried the “get up early to get in my workout” thing and it just is not me.  DO I wish it was? Hell yea! Life would be so much easier. 

This past summer, my running endurance has improved immensely!  So, I want to continue to run after work during the week once it starts getting dark.  I really do not want to lose all that I have gained in the past few months. Usually in the past, I would run (in fair weather) spring through fall.  Once the sun started setting earlier, I would leave work a little early to get to the park because I was “chasing the sun”.  I will eventually need to take it to the streets since the parks all close at dusk. I do not have a treadmill and buying one is not an option right now.  Gym membership? Forgetaboutit! I just cancelled the one I hardly ever used.

For Christmas last year, my husband got me this LED safety light from New Balance. 

led light

It has three red lights that has 2 modes, still or flashing.  I have yet to use it.

I know some of you have head lamps. I get headaches easily so I was thinking that’s not the way to go.  Do any of you use knuckle lights or something similar? 

knuckle lights

What do you do to make yourself seen?

Have you ever run into any night critters? That freaks me out a little too…. maybe that fear will make me a faster runner! HaHa!

Do you have any other night running tips?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 





11 thoughts on “Any night runners out there?

  1. I am a pre-dawn runner (leave house by 4:30AM) … and in terms of gear, I recommend:
    – Headlamp (forward facing)
    – some type of rear-facing light or flasher
    – Knuckle lights are highly visible (I don’t have any)
    – Reflective vest
    – Make sure your clothes & shoes have reflective surfaces.

    Just as important:
    – Obey traffic rules and realize that many people are tired at dawn or at night
    – Know your routes and the potential for unseen hazards & critters

    And … sadly there are the ‘running while female’ specific things:
    – Be visible but not TOO visible
    – Make sure people know where you are going
    – carry roadID (and maybe pepper spray?)
    – have your phone with you

    As for me … I have seen at least tens of thousands of bunnies through the years, dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and so on … had a bat fly into my underarm once. Also seen foxes, deer, and a few skunks.

    • This is great info- Thanks for contributing! I have the red flashy light that I can clip in the back somehow. I will certainly look into lighting the front or be reflective. Great extra safety tips and much appreciated!
      A BAT flew into your armpit and you didn’t quit running? OMG. I think I would have freaked and died right in the spot! LOL Foxes and Skunks make me most nervous. Hopefully I won’t encounter any.

      • haha – yeah, that was at least 15 years ago and I still remember it well, definitely freaked me out! I see bats about two weeks a year but they are generally way up high.

        As for the skunks and foxes, the important things to remember are that (a) they are nocturnal and this IS their ‘awake time’ (so not likely rabid) and (b) you are scaring them more than they scare you – the biggest problem is happening upon one unexpectedly (i.e. getting sprayed by a skunk). But in 25 years of early morning running I have never had an issue. A couple of weeks ago I saw three skunks in one morning! (I think I saw the same one twice, but still). And honestly, one time it looked at me like ‘whatever, dude’ 🙂

      • LOL I will keep that in mind about them being more scared of me. I love being out in nature – and long as I do not encounter anything that moves.

  2. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Not a night runner, but kudos to you and all your progress and not using the lack of sunlight as an excuse! Try posting this in the GGS group or I’m Fit Possible as a question 🙂

  3. Good for you, Mary! I used to run in the evenings at our old house and there were area where it was pretty dark and no streetlights. I wore clothing with reflective strips but always thought I should pick up some lights like what you’re talking about. I just got the runner’s mace that wraps around your hand as you run so it’s there if you need it. I ordered it from Amazon for around $5-7.

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