Birthday Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! how was your weekend?  As some of you know, Friday was my 39th birthday! Since I remembered to take pictures this weekend, I thought I would throw down a quick recap of the weekend highlights.


I started Friday with a vacation day from work and a run at the lake. I had decided the day before that I wanted to see how far I could go on this run.  The trail around the lake has many rolling hills and it is a challenge but lately I have been enduring the hills and pushing past them without walking as much. Once I got to 4 miles, my legs were felling good but I was getting tired.  However, I did not want to stop and decided on going 5 miles. At that mile marker, I figured I was so close to a 10K and I had no place to be so why not push further?  I wanted to walk it so bad but managed to visualize other runner friend’s Instagram pictures for motivation and pushed through it.  I still cannot run a full mile without walk breaks but I can feel my endurance building. I think the hills are helping. Overall, I was so happy after finishing!  This was a goal I had set by fall and I already hit it.  I finished up the run with yoga and some snacks by the water. The Runner’s high lasted well into the evening!


Lunch at the historic Pineville Tavern. We have never been here before and plan on going back soon! Look at Dan’s wedge salad – It’s HUGE!  I had the turkey burger and we split zucchini fries with Allyson ( she had pizza ).  I have never had zucchini fries before but they tasted just like cheese fries minus all the grease. They are known for their snapper soup. Dan had a cup and agreed that it was one of the best he has ever eaten. Also, they played 40’s/big band music which minded me of my dad which made the experience extra special somehow.


Later that night we headed up to Bethlehem for Musikfest to see Weezer play.  What a great show!  They sounded just like on their albums.  It was a beautiful, cool night. Perfect for an outside show. The moon over the mountain was a bonus for the atmosphere.  I even got the two of them to agree to a quick selfie before we left.


On Sunday, Dan and I took the new Subaru up to the mountains for a little hiking and off roading. We decided to try a new trial system – new to us anyway… The hike was frustrating with trails that were impassable, a lot of evidence of bear activity that made us nervous and I saw I dead porcupine too.  This was the fist time ever seeing one.  I didn’t even know PA had porcupines but apparently we do! The dead rodent was the last sign that we need to get out of there! So we made it back to the car and took off for dirt roads before heading home. I am loving the new car!  It is a lot of fun to drive, especially on those mountain roads. To quote Richard Gere is Pretty Woman, ” It corners like it’s on rails.” LOL  It is also very comfortable on long drives which are the norm for us. We have had fun joy riding over the past 11 days managing over 700 miles covered.

Overall it was a great weekend. I am ready to see what this year has in store for me.  I hope to make this an epic year as I cruise out of my 30’s.

Have you seen any good summer concerts lately? Did you do any birthday projects leading into to at the start of a new decade? If so, please share your ideas!


7 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Recap

    • Thanks for the encouragement Emily! It means a lot. I feel like I am finally finding that runners stride or whatever it’s called. I just need to hold on to it once the weather changes!

  1. Sounds like a nice and eventful way to celebrate your birthday and with the people you love most! Even though I consider myself a runner, for anything more than 4 miles, I do a walk/run routine for the entire run. I’ve changed my mindset to just enjoy what I’m doing, whether its walking or running 🙂 5 miles is great!!!

    I’m hoping that the stars align for my birthday because my boss said we might be traveling next month (and coincidentally during my birthday week), but I’d be close to family and my 3 closest friends! I hope the trip works out since spending birthdays with family and close friends!

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