Live in the moment

Hey everyone!  Isn’t it crazy that summer is half over? It seems like only yesterday Allyson was coming home from school for summer vacation. I have been slacking on the blogging front lately. It’s not because I don’t have anything going on, I just don’t feel like talking about each work out or weekend parties. I will bore you into unfollowing me and that would be devastating!! I will say this summer has been great so far! Mainly, I have been focusing on myself more and enjoying quality time with the family.
“Live in the moment” is my motto to live by this summer. I found this Alex and Ani bracelet while at the beach and it spoke to me. I knew I needed to have it. This phrase has taken over me in a huge way!
litmI have been doing a lot more of this: 


Watching a lot more of these:



And trying to fit in as much as this:

toesandand this as possible:



As the summer hits it’s peak, I am wondering where the last half will take me.  I will try to bounce in more often to say hi.  If you miss me, make sure to follow me on Instagram since that is where I have been hanging out a lot lately!! 

I hope you are enjoying your days in the sun! XOXO




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