Before I start, let me say: Happy July 1st and Happy Canada Day to my blends to the north! 

Ok down to business. I have had this post floating around in my head for a about a week now.  I am not really sure how it will turn out so I am just going to type and go with it. This is not by any means a “woah is me” post. This is actually a possitive – I promise. I am having some serious intuition/trust your gut moments going on and it all centers around one word: CHANGE.  I can feel change all around me. Call it getting old(er).  Maybe it’s all the yoga keeping me grounded.  I really can not explain it but I will try.  


My husband and I are not horders by any means and I do not think my house is cluttered. Everything has it’s place.  But I have this strong urge to go though my kitchen cabinets and closets and just clean them out.  There are only three of us (and for most of the year just us two).  Why do I need a shelf full of coffee mugs and cups? We don’t have people over a lot and when I do, we use the china and crystal just for fun or go with paper. It’s not that I want new stuff either.  I just want less.  Years ago, we tried using only three place settings but it did not last long. I think we were not “there” yet.  Maybe it’s time. Does anyone else get this way?

I have the urge to move. I swear Dan and I were vagabonds in a past life. The longest we have ever lived in one house is 5 years. We are going on 6 years at this house and the urge is strong for both of us.  We talk a lot about selliing everything and moving someplace new. This is an on going conversation – it comes up all the time actually. Since I know moving is not an option now, maybe that’s where the “purge urge” is coming from. The mountains are calling me home.  I decided this is where I need to be.  Luckily Dan agrees with me.  LOL  We will dream about it for now.

I have to make changes to my fitness to but this is not in my control.  I have been having issues with my ankle since my run at the beach two weeks ago.  I has been concluded that I sprained the peroneal tendon- the one that runs along the back side of the outter ankle. My guess is from the need for new runners and made worse by walking on the beach and hours of other walking I did that weekend. I learned that this type of injury can happen at any time if your feet pronate in and you have high arches (score 2 points for me!). It’s not “painful”. It’s just annoying since it keeps swelling just when I think it’s better. For treatment, ice and rest are recomended but that compression works well too. I should try that. So, this puts running out of the equasion for a few weeks at least.  This is fine since it’s hot and I don’t like to run much in the summer.  But the urge to run is there and the option to go out if I want to is not. That frustrates me. So, it’s low impact all the way – yoga, weights, pilates…

I also feel like this blog is on the verge of changing along with everything else. I am not sue where I am going with it but blogging evolves with us, right?  So please don’t give up on this page and bare with me while I find it’s way.  

I have been making small changes too. I have been trying to focus on the present and purposly not making plans for every minute of every wekeend.  Last weekend we have a family party on Sunday and dinner plans on Saturday. That’s it.  The rest of the weekend was just working about the house and chillin’. I feel calmer from living in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still get stircrazy and need to go out. But for at least one weekend a month it’s nice to just chill with a book and some wine.

I saw this image on FB today that made me smile and so I thought I would share with you:



Change is a good thing.  It goes along with my motto:  If you don’t run, you rust. 

Have you made any changes that impacted your life recently? 


14 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    • I think after the holiday, the purge will start! Have fun clearing out your clutter too!

      ** edit** -ok I started last night. Cleared out one shelf in my panrty to make room on my kitchen counter and cleaned out one cabinet. One XL trashbag down – how many more to go?! I am already feeling better :0)

  1. Ummmm I am starting to feel convinced that we are the same person!!! I have been in a “purging” mood lately. Getting rid of tons of stuff, especially clothes! I have so much STUFF and I don’t use any of it. I’ve been contemplating writing a post on minimalist living. I’m so intrigued by it. I feel like you really focus on what’s important when you don’t have so much STUFF.

    As for the moving thing.. I feel like I will always be moving haha. Now that I’ve made the move from Ohio to LA, I’m not scared to move anywhere anymore. And I get bored if I’m in one place for too long! I want to travel the world and live all over. I think it would be amazing!

    Also, I have sprained both my ankles in the past two weeks, so I definitely know the feeling on that one. My sprains are on the outsides of my ankles though. I need to strengthen them!

    Good luck while trying to figure out where your blog is headed.. I say write what you feel and are passionate about, and don’t think about it too much! 🙂

    • I think we could be sisters with our strange things in common LOL
      If you have Netflix, watch the documentary called “Tiny”. It’s about minimalist living in those tiny 100sqft houses. That is too extreme for me but it helped to feed the need to purge! Haha it was very interesting to inside those places.
      I think Dan and I get bored in one place for to long also. That is a great word for it!

  2. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Mary, this brought a smile to my face! Change is good, I, like you sometimes get the urge for change, and I have the urge to change my blog, but not the time/effort/know how to do a complete sweep over graphics wise OR even content. I have so much more I want to share, but not enough time! And as for other changes, I wanted 2014 to be a happier, healthier, and more positive year for me, and that is something I work on daily, you know this cause you follow my insta account! Love that image my friend ❤

    • I am glad you liked this post Amber! I love your happiness goal and enjoy your insta-posts.
      I started purging the kitchen last night and it felt SO GOOD to make room in my tiny kitchen.
      As for the blog, I think I will keep writing what ever comes to mind and see where it takes me :0)

  3. YES! Downsizing is the most freeing thing! And I think it is something that comes naturally as we get older – realizing that all the stuff isn’t as important. My hubs and I moved from a big suburban house to a one bedroom condo in the city a few years ago. Talk about downsizing! Talk about going through kitchen cabinets and throwing stuff away! It felt great!

    • Dan and I talk about doing that exact thing some day. The hard part would be finding a city or a small town with a “city” feel. I know it won’t be Philly. But then, we talk about doing a lot of things. LOL

  4. Ever since I’ve moved out of my parents house for my college degrees, I too have been as vagabond moving every year, longest stay 2.5yrs. I do get urges to purge and it feels much better for sure so I encourage those that you have! And injuries are annoying, I totally understand! And whatever you decide to do with your blog we will be there to support ya!

    • So you completely understand! I want home last night, looked at three chopped bowls in my cabinet and threw them out. We have others. Why keep them? I figure I will purge slowly so it’s not a total shock to the system LOL

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