Finding Inner Happiness with:


How is everyone doing today?  It’s rainy on the east coast but I hope that is not bringing you down! If it is, then this is a perfect time for me to introduce you to a handy app named: Happify!

I was given a chance to try out this FREE app on my phone for the past month as part of my ambassadorship with I’m Fitpossible. I am here to tell you why I personally think this is a great program (because who doesn’t want to be happy?). I am not being compensated for this review.  The opinions below are honest and my own.

But before I get to me….What IS Happify exactly? Happify’s games and activities (or tracks as they call them) are based on a decade’s worth of cutting-edge research by psychologists and neuroscientists from leading academic institutions around the world. Their proprietary framework is designed to train your brain and help you build skills for lasting happiness, delivering effective and measurable results.


Happify recommends daily activities that deliver the best results for you based on your goals. You’ll learn valuable skills to find more peace of mind and feel more engaged, motivated and excited about your future.


Use Happify anytime, anywhere-on your computer or mobile phone. Spend just a few minutes a day on fun exercises and games that help you form life changing habits. 86% of Happify members get happier in just 2 months. You can use Happify for free forever or choose to join Happify as a member. Currently, they have over 250,000 users (including myself). You can get to the Happify website by clicking on any of the Happify tags in this post or by clicking on the BIG H on my sidebar.

 What did I think, you asked? To be honest, after signing up for this program, I was a little skeptical about if it would really work. I mean, can a “game” help me find happiness? Well, I am here to tell you those doctors who designed this know what they are talking about! It is fun and I learned a little more about myself. After using it for just a couple minutes a day for a few days straight, I started seeing situations in a new light. I starting seeing my surroundings from another perspective.  Sure, my profile is set to private. It is not my personality to be all “puppy dogs and rainbows” all the time ( I am a Leo after all). There are some tracks that I would rather skip and I do. Maybe all this will change some day!  The tracks are chosen based on a few quick goal related questions that are provided once you first sign up.  You can change these goals which will also change tracks for you to complete.  I do believe this can help anyone that needs a pick me up. Maybe you have SAD, depression or you are just a miserable person. Or maybe you are already happy and want to find new ways ways to show it!  I recommend you give this a try.  It IS FREE so what do you have to lose?

Have you ever used a happiness app? Do you think you would try Happify?


5 thoughts on “Finding Inner Happiness with:

  1. I was sitting here this morning staring at my inbox thinking, “Why hasn’t Mary blogged in awhile?” So I come here, planning to comment to tell you to get your fingers typing when I see there is post after post. My “follow” must have oddly “unfollowed.” What is up with that? Catching up now. 🙂

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