June is all about being HAPPY!

This month’s theme over at I’m Fit Possible is about being happy! I think summer automatically makes people happy (except my friend T – she loathes the heat and wishes it would snow all year round). Personally, just thinking about warmer weather and longer hours of daylight makes me feel like a kid again! Currently, I have been focusing internally on things that make me happy. Here are just a few things that I am taking time to do for myself this month:

Sitting outside~ I actually have not done this as much in the past as I would have liked to. The past few evenings have been perfect!  Everything is green and flowers are in bloom.  It’s always quiet on my street. My neighbors on all sides are retired and inside by 9:00pm! Sitting and listening to the birds and leaves rustling in the wind has a soothing effect on me. Some evenings I will pull up a spot in the yard and read.  Last night we sat on the front porch talking for hours with some wine, candles to keep the bugs away and the scent of lilac in the air.  We don’t always sit in silence.  A lot of times we will put on our favorite playlist, talk about things and sing along too!

grill (2)

Sister’s Weekend at the shore~ I look forward to one weekend every June where I gather with my sisters to head to Ocean City, NJ for a weekend.  My favorite thing to do is wake up really early and run on the boardwalk.  Each morning one of my sister’s will join me on a bike. I also like sleeping on the deck. Sure there is a comfortable bed inside but there is something about sleeping outside that draws me out there. After my run, I get back just in time for breakfast to be served and then we head to the beach for the day.  It’s much needed girl time and we have a great time!

Grilling~ Because of the sun setting later, I do not feel rushed to get home from my evening run to cook dinner.  Sure, we eat around 7-7:30 but the family is patient with me. I would grill all year round if I could. I mean, seriously, no pots and pans to wash? I say, “Hell yes!”  Allyson especially loves this since, when she is home, she has dish duty.

grill (1)

Yoga~ This is a new found love.  After a long day at work, I look forward to getting in a workout or run and a long stretch session afterward. It helps me regroup, clear my head, energize and be in the present. I feel calm and content when I am done.

workout (1)

More Workouts~ I decided I needed to add more weights back in to the running and yoga routine. I missed lifting and tried getting back in to it over the winter but I kept tweaking my back so I stayed away.  Well, yesterday I decided to bring it back and it felt great! I also want to mix it up more with adding Pilates to my yoga sessions.  I have seen everyone getting excited over the whole Piyo movement like it’s something new. I am going to sound really old when I say this… but I have been doing this with Denise Austin off and on for almost two decades.  It really does work ladies!!  So if you are thinking about trying it, I highly suggest it!

I am finding that when I do not take some time for myself daily, even as little as 20 minutes, I eventually start to get cranky. Some people find me entertaining when this mood strikes.  But after awhile, I can’t stand to be around myself! LOL

Do you take time to for yourself? What makes you happy?


8 thoughts on “June is all about being HAPPY!

  1. LeanGreenGabi says:

    Time outside definitely makes me happy! I also look forward to weekend getaways in the Summer with my husband. This year most of them are triathlon training related, but I just love getting away and spending time outside at the beach, in nature or just somewhere new. Yay for summer time!

  2. I support the weights choice! Recently I’ve been doing bodypump 1x/week and will now start going 2x/week (had to gradually work up to that since I have lots of other cross training to fit in). It really helps my running and yoga too! Great to take time to do things for yourself, its always a must 🙂 Enjoy the grilling!!

    • I really like lifting and would love to build on my shoulder strength! Bodypump sounds awesome and would love to try it someday. You are doing really awesome with your Tri’s. Have fun with your cross training!

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