I appeciate you!

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Summer officially kicks off this weekend!  Busy season at work is here as well (Boo!!). Before things get toooo crazy, I want to take a few minutes tell you how much I appreciate you, my readers and blends…

  • TY to the amazing blogs inspire me in so many ways: to bump up my running to train for a 10K (maybe even a half after that?), try new foods based on your delicious recipe posts/Instagram pictures and even adjusting my other workouts to get more benefit from it.  I turn to you for motivation.
  • TY for reading my blog and commenting back as well as interaction on other social media platforms. I love interacting with everyone and your taking time to leave a comment means so much!
  • TY for being supportive when I have a question or concern. My last post regarding yoga and tight muscles had very helpful comments!  I am happy to say I am not as sore this week, I nailed my run last night and my inner hypochondriac has settled back down.
  • Last but not least,  TY for letting me be me and you still come back anyway.

SO, HAPPY SUMMER! I look forward to kicking up my heels, relaxing outside with a drink in hand and reading about all your summer adventures!  I should be posting more frequently since I learned how to add links and pictures to new posts from my phone app! Score! Now I am off to work on my summer bucket list and daydream about sand, tiki torches and mojitos…



9 thoughts on “I appeciate you!

  1. Thank you! You are an amazing person and I love chatting with you through the various social media outlets. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. It means a lot to me.

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