Yoga + Creativity eBook review and giveaway!

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I was given a copy of Yoga + Creativity by Lacey Haynes to download, try it out and give a review as a part of my ambassadorship with I’m Fitpossible. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

You are probably wondering what exactly is Yoga + Creativity?

Yoga + Creativity is the brainchild of Lacey Haynes. Lacey is a creative renegade. She writes, acts, sings, draws, and is willing to explore just about anything creative, playful and mind-blowing. She’s also a smart cookie. She’s studied English Literature as an MA student and runs The Yoga Emporium where she writes, teaches classes and workshops and offers Yoga Lifestyle Coaching & Intuitive Healing.  She’s a trained actor, having performed on stage and on screen in Canada and Germany. She’s been teaching internationally for the last 4 years – having been so fortunate to teach in places like Berlin, Portugal, France, Canada and now Australia. Lacey writes for DoYouYoga, The Huffington Post and some other awesome online and print publications. Yeah, she’s pretty amazing!


So, why did Lacey join yoga and creativity together? Lacey says, “Yoga and creativity are so meant for each other. Creativity is your truest essence and yoga is the path to put you in touch with these deepest layers of who you are. The more you unfold your body and mind, the more the creative juices flow. Throughout this guidebook, you’ll be challenged to face your creative fears and blockages all in the name of freeing up space so that you can connect with who you truly are.”

This book can be used three different ways:

  • One section, one week at a time – there are four sections
  • Here and there as your busy schedule allows
  • All in one 6 hour day ( yoga retreat day! )

Who is this book for?  Well, yogis and non-yogis alike!

  • those who consider themselves creative
  • those who don’t consider themselves creative!
  • open-minded people
  • those willing to explore fear, boundaries and self-acceptance
  • people ready to find more freedom in daily life
  • anyone looking to feel more open, connected and joyous

When Tara (founder of IFP) first approached us regarding this opportunity, I instantly knew I needed this in my life. I had recently been wanting to give yoga another try and incorporate it into my daily life. I signed up right away.  Once I received my email from Lacey and my free download, I read through it all that night. Since it was a Thursday, I chose the following Monday to start. I originally wanted to do the one section, one week at a time route and include all the creative exploration aspects as well. Week one went really well. I has started with a really bad chest cold a few days before and instead of putting the book off, I jumped right in. This week was a lot of chest opening exercises and I truly believe this is what helped me get over the bad cough in only a few days. By day three I felt so much better! The creative expression portion or “free flow” helped a lot with getting the clutter out of my head.


Week two was hip openers. Another thing I needed to work on. I sit all day and sleep curled up in a ball so my hip muscles and lower back and always tight. This week was busy and poor planning did not leave much room for creative expression and I found myself rushing through it or skipping it all together. Since I had already blown my original plan of going all in, week by week, I decided that the here and there approach ( which excludes the creative portions ) is the best approach for me.

This past week I hurt my lower back again. I found myself mixing the hip openers with week three poses such as cat/cow, sphinx, and downward dog. It is amazing how the pain is gone, if only temporarily, after doing these stretches. When it does creep back, it is not as bad as before. Today is the first day that I barely notice it!  I am still doing free flow writing (but not daily) as it helps me clear my head after a long day at work. I also find myself doing calf raises (balance) and belly breathing while standing in long lines at the stores. See? It’s habit forming!

I am moving into week four and look forward to adding new poses to my routine. I have learned a lot about how my body moves, what works for me right now and how taking even 15 minutes to lay still and breath does not only relax you but energize at the same time. My plan is to have a yoga retreat day during my vacation this summer and completely immerse myself into all aspects of Yoga + Creativity! How fun does that sound?

Now for even more exciting stuff! Lacey has given me the chance to host my very first giveaway! I am so excited about this. Enter below by clicking on the giveaway link for a chance to win your very own copy of Yoga + Creativity. One lucky winner will receive the download directly from Lacey herself. If you don’t want to wait, you can mosey on over to the right of this post and click on my link and be magically transported directly to the purchase page.

Are you new to yoga like me? Do you think you want to try this book for yourself?

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13 thoughts on “Yoga + Creativity eBook review and giveaway!

  1. Lacey Jones says:

    I am really interested in this. I have taken yoga classes, but being able to so them at home is so much better.

    • I have never taken a class but have thought about it many times. We have a few places near buy that I can do a drop in but I would rather stay home and do it alone. I think I would people watch instead of focusing on myself LOL

  2. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Isn’t it incredible how stretching/yoga can HELP pain? People think an injury means “lay in bed all day” and rest, when simply that is not the case! I am not a yogi, but I am working on my handstand, and MAYBE a headstand one day….

    • Laying around even on a good day always makes me feel worse! I was surprised at how fast the sessions are helping. Good luck on your inversions! That’s awesome. I want to be able to do crow pose some day 🙂

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