I feel like my mind is all over the place lately.  It’s filled with a lot of randomness.  So, it’s time to play a little game called “currently”.  Ready to play along?  

This past weekend…  What a great time!  Saturday, we met up with a few of our best friends, saw Band of Skulls play in Philly, filled up on a late night snack of Smokin’ Tacos and got home WAY past my bedtime. 

No sense of time… Because we were with friends, I really tried to keep my phone in my handbag.  I have a slight addiction to my phone but I did well. I only checked it a few times while in the car. I do not wear a watch and I really felt out of sorts a bit thinking it was not as late as it actually was.  So, yeah, sorry Jess if my text woke you… I was this way on Sunday too having decided to leave my phone in the house while I got some gardening done. I was two hours behind the actual time.  That can really screw you up! 

Digging in the dirt session… First round done.  Sunday, I got three hours of weeding completed. I estimate maybe another 6 hours to invest before all the gardens are tended to.  Then hopefully I will get mulch this year and get that down quick to help keep new weeds at bay.  I lost a few plants and bushes to the harsh winter.  Some I am sad about and others not so much.  I need to find a bush or large plant that is zone 7, full sun and can take on a lot of water.  I have a bald spot in one garden that I need to fill.  Maybe an asparagus plant will work… Any suggestions?  This spot gets run off from another part of the yard.  Even the much gets washed away.

Mad Men… (spoiler) Sunday’s episode was so good! Betty is a total wacko. Will Don be able to comply with the rules set up for him or will he wig out? I felt bad for Don the way everyone treated him.  But it was great writing. I did not see that twist coming. Next week’s episode looks even better!

Social Media… I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  So many blogs to read and not enough time in the day!   I have decided it’s impossible to read it all so I am jumping in when I can.  I have been seeing people post cool video collages on Instagram.  What app is that? I think I need it! I went on this blog last week to add my new Sweat Pink Ambassador badge and all my badges disappeared! I got them all back except the SPA badge.  It will not show up in the side bar and it’s driving me nuts.  I am getting that tiny image box like there is something there but it’s broken. Grr.

Yoga… I feel like I am really coming to appreciate it more lately. I think the chest opening poses helped a lot with getting over my chest cold in record time.  I love the stretch and how relaxed but energized I feel when I am done.  BUT More to come on this later. I want to learn the more advanced poses (Like Crow) but know I need to be patient and go slow… I will breathe deeply and enjoy the process. Ohm….

Running… My race is on 5/24.  I have not been out in weeks since I had that horrible chest cold over Easter. I am finally feeling better.  Now I need to get out there and really bring it!  We are getting rain all week.  I think I need to suck it up and just get out there – rain or no rain. All you glasses wearing runners, I have questions: Does a baseball cap really keep the rain off your glasses? I really can’t stand water on the lenses.  Do you ever have issues with them fogging up?

Future plans… This coming weekend is family weekend at Dartmouth for all first year students to show off the place to their family.  I am off Thursday-Monday because of this.  We are traveling Friday night and coming home on Sunday.   So yay to no 14 hour round trip this time!  I am looking forward to spending time with Allyson and having her show us some of her favorite parts of the campus. Dan’s birthday is this weekend. I am hoping we can celebrate a little for him too.  

OD I feel a little more settled now….  When life starts to feel hectic, I sometimes need to remind myself to stop and look around.


You all are pretty amazing too.  Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the social media as well. I really would like to read everyone’s blogs but that’s just not possible is it? I also love my new yoga classes and look forward to it on Fridays. I think it is helping to sculpt my arms in a different way.

    • I am hoping yoga will help sculpt my arms too. If that day happens, I don’t think I will wear sleeves for a very long time. I’ll have to show off the guns LOL

  2. Lol we are so similar! I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed too – we can’t read them all! But we try and that’s what counts 🙂 For the SPA badge, for some reason the code doesn’t work. I tried it too, and yeah it must be the wrong code. So I just copied the image URL from Pinterest and then put it on my blog as an image, and linked it back to 🙂 I recommend doing that!! Also, I have a slight addiction to social media too. Haha

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