My Happy Monday – part III


Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for another edition of My Happy Monday! Okay, that was a little too cheery considering I can not stop coughing, sneezing or blowing my nose.  It’s more like, “Hey, sup? Yeah, it’s Monday ( half smile )”.   I am actually in a pretty good mood all considering.  Just don’t make me laugh or I will go back in to a crazy fit of coughing. I mean seriously, I have not had a cold in the past 2-3 three years! So I decided to get one on a holiday weekend? It could be worse… it’s not the stomach bug at least.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a Happy Easter.  I had a nice dinner at Dan’s mom’s with the fam.  My niece and Nephew were so cute with their egg hunt. So that leads me in to my first MHM moment…

  1. Left overs mean no food shopping! I did not feel up to going to the food store on Saturday. I did not want to deal with the lines of people.  Mom always cooks for an army so I knew there would be plenty of left over food for us to take home. I just need basics like eggs, bread and bananas.
  2. The Boston Marathon.  I actually had butterflies for the lead packs as they got closer to the last few miles.  I can only imagine the charge in the air that the crowd’s energy gave off!
  3. Yoga that consists of chest opening moves. While I was working on this for about an hour, I didn’t cough, sneeze or need to blow even once. It was glorious!
  4. Driving home with the sunroof open and windows down. 70* weather? Yes please!

What made your Monday happy?

Thank you Sarah for another week of link up and for reminding me to find happy in my Monday!



One thought on “My Happy Monday – part III

  1. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Sunshine never ceases to make me smile! I am such a, well I can’t remember the word for it bUT there’s a term for people who get extreme happiness from sunshine and being out doors. HURRAY LEFT OVERS ❤

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