Friday’s 5


I have not done a Friday’s 5 in a while so I thought I would jump on here and give it a go.  Is everyone ready for the Easter Weekend? 


  1. I am looking forward to Sunday- church, the niece and nephew’s easter egg hunt, my MIL’s fabulous dinner and getting to wear my new dress! This will be our first holiday without Allyson being home. She has classes and is not close enough to come home for a few hours. A phone call is in order though.  
  2. I love reading about everyone’s excitement towards Monday’s Boston Marathon.  I wish I was going just to watch! Good luck to all my blends or people I stalk that are running! For those staying home like yours truly, don’t forget to wear a race shirt or blue/yellow on Monday in memory of all those involved in the events of last year’s race.  Thank you Samalee Allen for telling me about this! 
  3. I am still listening to The Fiery Cross ( Outlander #5) on my drive to and from work.  Although I like this a lot because relaxes me, I could have been done the book by now and on to book 6 is I was reading it old school (you know, on my Kindle). I think I will do the whole audio book thing again but not when there is a series involved. 
  4. The I’m Fit Possible community has given me a chance to embark on a journey of yoga and creativity. I will be starting this journey on Monday and take it on for 4 weeks.  After which there will be a review. So, stay tuned for that! 
  5. I finally signed up for my 5K on Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s a local race and the festivities sound like a lot of fun.  Even the neighborhood as a contest for “most spirited” house on the block! I can not wait to see what it’s like.  I know I really need to buckle down on my running to work on beating my time from my last race of 38:20.  I will be happy with a time of 35:00 or faster. This is only my 2nd race ever so I am happy just to be involved.  

So that’s about it folks! I have a few things that will require me to focus on my follow through. As you may know, lack of follow through is a flaw of mine. However, I look at each of these things as a challenge accepted.  



4 thoughts on “Friday’s 5

  1. I really like your new blog name an redesign – so cute! Good luck on your 5K! I need to sign up for a race again myself – it’s been awhile. — and ha ha you made me laugh with your old school Kindle comment! Have a nice weekend! (Oh, and I see my sister commented above. lol)

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