Weekend update: How we enjoyed the first warm spring days

Life has been really crazy the past few weeks.  You know how it is when you have no time for anything and have nothing to show for your absence?  That’s how I feel right now.  I did make sure to slow down and enjoy the weekend!  Last week I started working out again.  The week started with a long yoga session on Monday.  Then Tuesday was leg day and Wednesday I ran.  I managed to get in a 2 mile run by the lake. I am sure it would have gone better if this run took place BEFORE leg day. It was not the smartest plan but at least I got out there and did it! My legs felt really heavy and I swear I was walking fasted then I ran (Or that’s how it felt anyway).

On Friday night, Dan and I tried a new place to eat called The Local.  I had heard about this place earlier in the day from one of those Groupon type sites.  Although I did not buy a coupon, I decided this is where I wanted to go that evening for dinner. Since we eat out at least 3 days a week, we get bored of the same old and are in need of new places to go.  This place did not disappoint! Located in an old train station, the place is small but they open the old platform for outside dining as well.  Here is a little bit of what they are about:

“The local believes in bringing farm fresh food to the plate’s of the Indian Valley area. We partner with as many as 12 local farms to source our produce, dairy, and proteins.Our mission is to show people how good local food can be. Our target customers are those who care about what they eat and are motivated like we are to keep money in the local economy as well as anybody just looking for a good meal.” 


fresh, lite and tasty

We arrived early without a reservation and was seated right away.  Reservations are highly suggested because they really fill up fast! I did not realize this was a BYOB. So, that was a bummer. The tea and soft drinks are drinks are served in mason jars which I thought was charming considering the old time feel of the remnants of the train station still visible around the place.  The service was top notch.  Our server was very knowledgeable of the menu and they were very accommodating with my dairy allergy questions. See the picture above? That was my order off of the small plated menu. Both plates were excellent! We ended the meal by sharing a slice of salted caramel pie.  Holy cow that was amazing!  All deserts are either made in house or brought in locally as well.  Overall, this was a great dining experience and I highly recommend them to anyone. I can not wait to go back again. They have brunch as well so I look forward to an early morning trip out!

On Saturday I worked for a little bit in the morning.  The upper 70’s weather was calling me outside so by 11:00AM I was eager to go hiking. Dan and I headed out to French Creek SP. I used to go here as a kid with my family.  My dad would fish here sometimes. However, this was our first time hiking. There are 35 miles of trails and we took on 7 of them.  It was our first hike of the year and we enjoyed every second of it!  The weather was perfect, the trails were empty and the hike was fairly easy. I should not have chose that long of a hike to break in my new hiking shoes.  Luckily, I thought ahead and packed band aids. I ended up with a sore heal and took off my shoes as soon as I was back at the car.  My toes were killing me but otherwise, no blisters. We ended the night catching up with an old friend that just moved back to town.  It was good to see her but exhaustion started setting in and we were back home by 10:30PM.

first signs of spring

first signs of spring

Sunday was yard work. We finally got the back yard cleared of the tree limbs that we lost in the ice storm back in January.  It took 1.5 hours of dragging the limbs to the back of the property and picking up sticks for the fire pile.  Now it’s all done and I can start to focus on weeding the gardens. Yard work and especially weeding is a big stress reliever for me. I actually look forward to this part!


That evening, we uncovered the grill and made shrimp and sweet potatoes.  It felt so good to be grilling again! It also felt good to be sitting on the deck with a glass of wine in my hand and the evening sun on my face.  That was short lived as we are in another cold front.  But this too will pass! Oh yeah, one other thing I did was cut my hair.  My pony tail was getting too long and I felt the need for instant change.  So I grabbed the scissors, chopped off 4″ and I love it!


I have not been sleeping well the past few nights and yesterday I was feeling very off my game. I ended up working only a half day. When I got home, I intended to take a short nap and woke up 4 hours later! I guess I needed it.  I did not feel run down any longer but my TMJ was in high gear. I had a headache and must have clenched my jaw in my sleep because I felt like a chipmunk.  Chewing was difficult so this squashed my plans for cooking meat for dinner.  I ended up with a nutbutter and jelly sandwich, the rest of the So Delicious ice cream and a smoothie later on in the evening. I did not get a workout in yesterday as planned so I will need to make up for it tonight. Today though I am feeling much better with only a little jaw discomfort.

I cannot believe Easter is next weekend already! I still have not found shoes that I like or a statement necklace to go with it. I am sure I can pull together something from my closet though.  I am sad that Allyson will not be home to have dinner with us this year.  However, I look forward to watching my niece and nephew have their egg hunt.

How was your weekend?  Did you try anything new?



5 thoughts on “Weekend update: How we enjoyed the first warm spring days

  1. Those grilled sweet potatoes look delicious! Love the new hair, I’ve been considering chopping mine off for summer. I’ll probably grow it a few more inches and then donate it to Locks of Love!

    • The sweet potatoes were good. I tried grilled cabbage last night but I did not leave it on the heat long enough. Some things can not be rushed! I never think of locks of love. This time around the ends were so dry, they would have never used it. My niece has donated a few times though. It’s a great cause!

  2. Mary! I LOVE THE NEW HAIR! Looking beautiful! You are so bold to cut it yourself, I could never! So kudos to you! And your shrimp and grilled sweet potatoes look so yummy! Sigh, I wish I had a grill! Apartment life problems! I have never tried grilled sweet potatoes, they look so tasty! And I am jealous of the warmer weather you had! Nice to see you enjoy yourself, and go out for a tasty bite to eat! Have an EGGcellent Easter!

    • Thanks Amber! You’re sweet 🙂 A friend of mine uses a small electric grill in her apartment. They make ones that are just big enough to cook for two. Perfect if you have a small patio or balcony. The key to good grilled sweet potatoes is to slice and boil them first til almost cooked through. Then grill – broiling would work too! Have a happy Easter!

      • eatsandexercisebyamber says:

        Sigh I do not have a patio or balcony! But I’m hoping my NEXT apartment has one 🙂 thanks for the sweet potato tip!

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