The night we were hipsters

I feel like I have so much to say about this weekend because it was actually a fun one.  To spare you, I will TRY to hold back but you know I have a habit of rambling on…

Friday night was another cold and rainy one. Instead of sitting at home, we decided to head up to Sands Casino in Bethlehem.  Even though we lost our cash to the slots (and bar), we had a good time just being together.  After a few hours of gambling, walking around the outlets and listening to the live band, we called it a night.

Saturday was super busy for me.  I headed to my sister’s house for a few hours visiting with my other sister’s and some of the kiddos before our evening plans.  It was good to see everyone but two hours was not enough time. 



The big adventure was Saturday night. We had Dan’s uncle and cousin visiting from Texas and so a bunch of us family planned on getting together Saturday night. They had not yet tasted the tacos from our cousin Steven’s food truck, Smokin’ Tacos, and so the night was planned around his location off of Frankford & Girard Ave in Philly. I am not a city girl.  Actually the whole idea at first gave me some anxiety and if it was not family, I would have tried to skip out. But once it got closer to traveling down to the meet up at our aunt’s house, I had relaxed and was looking forward to the night out.  As long as I was not driving, it was all good. I was told this was an “up and coming neighborhood” and they were not wrong about that. I felt like a hipster for the night.

It was decided that we would hang out at a German biergarten called Frankford Hall.  This place was pretty freakin cool! It is this bar atmosphere carved out of a what was some type of industrial building. There is  exposed brick, large windows, re-purposed metal – the complete industrial but modern look. The main dining area consisted of large tables with bench seating and a few round tables for four. There were two bars ( I think ), a couple ping pong tables and a food counter to order some eats.  Beyond this, the room opens up into a large gravel patio area with heat lamps, trees and picnic tables all surrounded by the same exposed brick, a few more bars and another food counter. I am sure I am missing some details. We got there around 6:30, it was so crowded but we managed to get the last large table inside (no available seating outside at this point anyway). It was getting cool out so we were very happy to score a spot inside. 

We started the night with liters of beer and HUGE Bavarian pretzels straight from the oven.  Seriously, they are the size of your head and oh so good!



Because I hardly ate anything all day, I was really hungry so besides splitting a pretzel with Dan, I had a veggie burger and fries. I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food.  My primal instincts to devour everything in sight took over once the food arrived. However, I can tell you the burgers are “normal” sized but they do give you large side servings. So keep that in mind when ordering. Nothing is small in this place! I would highly recommend going here.  My husband did point out that our table was the oldest group in the place ( including us ). As long as you don’t care about that ( and we don’t ) you will have a great time. 

After you have your fill on beer, last call is over and the munchies start kicking in, then you need to head around the corner & to the right on Girard for some Smokin’ Tacos.  Steven smokes all the meat and the toppings/sides are made fresh.  My favorite is the pork taco. Pulled pork is my weakness and this is just the best smoked flavor ever.  AND It is not smothered in BBQ sauce so eating them on the street or someone’s stoop is not a messy job.  The menu changes frequently so try something new each time you visit. 

When Steven is not parked here on weekends, you can find them near Temple Hospital serving up the lunch rush or around town at other various events.   They will be at the Manayunk StrEAT Festival this Saturday 4/12. You can follow them on Facebook and on their website where there is also catering info as well!

Now this week it’s back to cooking healthy, working out and staying focused. 

Did you get out of your comfort zone this weekend?  If so, what did you try?


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