My Happy Monday – part II

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of:



I am linking up again with Sarah over at My (Mostly) Healthy Life in an effort to find happiness in what (in my opinion) is usually the most annoying day of the week. BUT, I am trying to change that. over time.  Sarah has come up with some new questions for today to help inspire. Last week, I really loved reading the other women’s responses and was inspired to look at things that popped up last week from different perspective.  Show some love and check out Sarah’s link up including the other bloggers that are participating!

What was the first thing that made you smile today?  Two months ago I had given a co-worker a cork to split for me and make into magnets. I totally forgot about this and she was very busy with her daughter’s wedding… anyway, I sat at my desk this morning and saw them on my board! Apparently they have been there since Friday afternoon… clearly I am not very observant.


Isn’t this the cutest cork ever?

What are you most looking forward to about today? Cooking dinner.  Last week we ate out every day due to poor no planning. I plan on making fish, a veggie and having white wine to go with it.

What is your favorite thing about this Monday? The hours at work are going fast!

Do you have a pet who makes your heart melt? We have two dogs.  Greta and Zeus.  Greta is Dan’s shadow and Zeus is mine.  He follows me everywhere. He is a total weirdo and a spaz but he has the cutest looks like when he tilts his head as if to say, “HUH??” Oh and he is camera shy. He will RUN away at any camera sound (or any loud sound for that matter) or if you hold any object up as if to take a picture.  So any picture or video I actually get are by me being sneaky.


Zeus ran away right after I took this.  He caught on but I got him!

Are you reading a book currently? I am obsessed with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  I am currently listening to book 5 since I won this in a contest within the group of other crazed fans I am friends with. So, I listen to and from work and when I can on weekends. I want to listen while I run but have not had a chance to try yet. I can go on and on about how great this series is.  If you have not read any of it, they are making a TV show to be aired this June here in the States on Starz.  I can’t wait!!

I also just read “It’s all in your head” by Eva Hagberg. Here is a snippet from Amazon.

“In 2008, after recovering from a few years of hard drinking and harder drug use, after building back up a life as a successful and happy New York writer, Eva Hagberg woke up dizzy. She spent the next five years searching for a diagnosis, a treatment, and most of all an answer. It was a journey that took her from a career as a New York City architecture critic to a bicycle-riding year in Portland, Oregon to graduate school in Berkeley, California. She saw internists, vestibular specialists, and endocrinologists. They all told her she was normal; that the way she felt was all in her head. When everything she thought she could try failed, she began to believe them, trying to heal through yoga, acupuncture, talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and long walks in the woods.”

I found her struggles very interesting. People are misdiagnosed by doctors every day (like my sister). I believe you need to trust your gut and keep pushing for answers if you truly think there is something wrong. Check this book out on Amazon.  It is a fast read. I think I read it over three days and I am a slow reader.

What is something small that you’ve done for someone else today, that put a smile on your face? Not yet but the day is only half over ;0)

So tell me… What made you smile today?



12 thoughts on “My Happy Monday – part II

  1. Cork magnets?! Say what??? I love this idea!! And, I can totally relate about the eating out due to a lack of planning. . . Ooops! That’s something I am working on too. . . 😉 Happy Monday to you!!

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