My Happy Monday



Today, I am linking up with Sarah over at My (Mostly) Healthy Life for her Happy Monday series. This is a bit of a challenge for me since I am not a Monday person.  However, I think if you think positive thoughts, you will eventually feel that way too. So, let’s give this a try since today, I am in a pretty good mood!

What will be or has been the best part of your Monday?  The best part of my day has been officially deciding to sign up for a local 5K with my 2 running buddies from work! We are trying to use the party like atmosphere to bring more people with this time around encouraging walkers to sign up too.  The race is on 5/24 so I need to start running regularly. 

What was the first thing that made you smile on this Monday? Listening to my audio book in route to work.  One of the characters said something funny.  Do you listen to books in the car? This is my first AB and I love it! I am so much more relaxed when I get to the office.I want to try to listen to it when running too.  I don’t NEED music so it might just be ok.

What are you looking forward to about your Monday? Three things. Food shopping because I didn’t feel like going this weekend.  Allyson should be calling tonight because she forgot to call was busy studying yesterday. And last, the SERIES finale of How I Met Your Mother.  Theorists say that in the end, Ted is telling his kids about how they met because in future time, she’s dead! I hope not because THAT would be horrible! 

How did you get your Monday off to a healthy start? I started my day off with 2 eggs and a baked sweet potato. This and a cup of coffee holds me over for about 4 hours when I am ready for a snack. 

What makes you the most happy about Mondays? If you find something constant to answer on this one, please tell me because I am searching for an answer.

Share a photo of your favorite meal on Monday  -Maybe next week.  I think you can imagine 2 over easy eggs on a baked SP ;0)


So tell me, how was your Monday? 

If you decide to play along, don’t forget to go over to Sarah’s blog and add your link!



2 thoughts on “My Happy Monday

  1. Such a positive approach to Mondays! Where are the questions that ask “What especially sucks about your Monday?” and “How tired were you when the alarm went off this Monday?” and “What weekend plans didn’t you get to because Monday came too fast?” I am kidding, of course.
    I DO gotta try this positive approach.

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