Life lately…

Where did March go? I feel like I blinked my eye and it’s over! Sorry I have not been around here lately. I just have not had much to say. The past two weeks, work has been busy for me and when I get home, I just wanted to sit and not have to think.

So what have I been up to besides work? Nothing to exciting. I have not exercised as much as I had hoped. My 8 week self challenge and yoga challenge fell to the wayside once I hurt my lower back. I am having more better days then bad. However, the cold, damp days are the worst. As I type this, I am very uncomfortable. Dan started with the same problem yesterday. So strange! UGH, we are getting old. Warmer weather is coming in the next few days and that makes me very happy!

I decided for the past two weeks not to meal prep.  I was already getting in a rut and needed a change. Instead, Dan and I have enjoyed checking out the fresh food counters and markets to buy what looks good and building meals from there. Last week we got some great fish, pork chops and a bunch of fresh green veggies. On Sunday, he made an amazing pasta primavera that lasted all week too. He has also been making fresh bread a lot lately. We are both sick of driving in the rain so we will get this week’s shopping done tomorrow after work.

Yesterday as the start of a washout of the weekend. We got an early start to the day and took a trip to the Allentown Fairgrounds. They have a huge farmers market and garage sale that I have been wanting to go to for a long time now. I was really impressed with the cleanliness, high quality of the foods and the gourmet shops/bakeries they had there! I made sure to stop in at Clover Hill Winery’s shop for some wine tasting picking up two bottles before we left.


Later that night we hit the mall. I have been on a long hunt for a new dress for spring. I was surprised by how much black and dull looking colors were on the racks. But, I finally found THE DRESS at JC Penny.


You know… the one you put on and you instantly light up with a smile? You know what I’m talking about. The dress looked more purple in the store but it could have been the poor lighting.  I am all about bright pink so either way, it’s all good. And the best part was that it was 40% off! I never buy anything full price so this was meant to be! Now I need nude heels and a BIG statement necklace to finish off the look.  Two other things I am been looking for and haven’t found the right ones.

Today was another deal day shopping for new floor speakers in the living room. We went to one Best Buy for a set that was finally at a good price. The sales guy told us no one in the district had them and they would not sell us the floor model because it was not showing as a discontinued item even though they were not planning on restocking any of the speaker department. UM, Ok… Lame but whatever. So we went to HH Gregg who told us they had two in stock but after we paid, found out the 2nd one was the floor model and didn’t have a box. Due to the heavy downpour going on outside, we took the money back. On a last ditch effort, we went to the other Best Buy and there they were. Two, new in the box speakers, right there on a cart in the middle of the floor. Apparently, someone was going to buy them but ditched the idea and left. We really felt this was meant to be considering the last store told us no one had them! Now, here we are, sitting in the living room, drinks and electronic devices in hand, listening to music.

Monday is supposed to be another washout. But the middle of the week is expected to be warm and sunny. So, I plan on running a few days. Other days will need to be indoor workouts. I still have a few weeks to salvage my self challenge. I am determined to finish strong!

How was your weekend?
Did anyone run any rainy races?


11 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. Nothing beats scoring a few deals! I’ve learned to never trust what one store says, unless I hear for myself that another sister store is sold out. Glad you were able to get exactly what you were looking for.

  2. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Sometimes switching up our routine is good! I love meal prepping but at times it can become a bit monotonous, so I understand! How fun to try fresh new foods 🙂
    And i bet you look beautiful in that dress! I am OBSESSED with anything pink. I’d wear it all the time if I could….

    • Picking out a fresh ingredient and building a recipe around it can be challenging but fun! As for the dress, I can’t stop looking at it! LOL I can’t wait for the next few weeks when I get to wear it 🙂

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