Three cheers for spring!!

I don’t know about you but I am so happy that spring is finally here! It seriously feels like being in the light at the end of a long, cold, dark tunnel that was this winter. This past week has been a blur.  My sleep pattern is out of whack, work is busy and all I want to do when I get home is eat dinner and sleep. This has not worked well with my yoga challenge this month. I have been trying the poses but I couldn’t seem to concentrate or relax enough. So, now I am overwhelmingly behind on posting pictures.  I will have to jump back in on a day and not stress over what was not posted.

Yesterday we had 50* temps and I was jonesing for a run.  I made my way to the lake after work with the intention of going for 3 miles. Since I have not done any running for a few months, I was not expecting a good pace. It was very windy but I pushed through.  After my app told me I had gone the 3 miles, I was feeling so good that I decided to go one more.


                             Feelin’ good

After I finished, I did some yoga right there next to the lake.  When I was younger and saw someone doing the same thing in a park or at the beach, I would think, “What a weirdo!” Now, I get it and I’m the one that is probably being called weird. Hahaha~ But I don’t care. It was so peaceful. Afterward, I felt more relaxed then I  have in a few weeks.

I am LOVING my long sleeve running shirt from Swirlgear.  It is long in the torso and does not ride up.  The sleeves are long too which was helpful yesterday to cover my hands in the cold wind. As the wind chill dropped the temps, I did not feel cold. Even though I was getting sweaty, I still felt dry and comfortable. This is my new favorite go to for chilly runs!  As a brand ambassador, I can offer you free ground shipping on your order.  They released a new line in February and are currently taking pre-orders to ship in May.  You can also get immediate satisfaction and order other items, like my pink long sleeve, and have it in a week or so.  Just use the code Swirlon at check out.

So, how happy are you for spring to be here?

Do you have a favorite warm weather activity that you are eager to get back to?


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