I’m still here – I promise!

Hey everyone!  This week as been crazy busy and I not had much free time to spare.  With the time change this past weekend then getting up early on Monday to drive to New Hampshire to pick up Allyson from school which was a 15 hour round trip, I am finally starting to get caught up on the sleep I missed.  We had a good trip and it was nice having her home for a few days.  She is lucky enough to be in route to tropical beaches and warm sunshine for the next 7 days.

It was such a beautiful, warm day!

On Tuesday the three of us spent the afternoon on South Street in Philly where we had cheese steaks at Jim’s.  Allyson had never been to South St or had a cheese steak that was made IN Philly. Not like the local pizza places make them any different.  It was more about the experience… and the roll because let’s face it, it’s always about the roll!  So the trip was two firsts for her. They originally had planned a taste test between the three famous cheese steak places -Gino’s, Pat’s and Jim’s but we got a late start. Since I don’t eat cheese or beef if I can avoid it, I was not heartbroken over this. Maybe they can do this together some other time. Later we headed to Dan’s mom’s for a home cooked meal and for Allyson to visit with family which is always a good time.

Dan got a cheese steak hoagie with fried onions, I have the boring one in the center with mushrooms and ketchup no cheese and Allyson went traditional with just wiz. 

Wednesday was back to work for me. The three of us went to dinner with my niece Darcy and had a really nice time. We chatted for 2.5 hours before heading home. Darcy and Allyson grew up together and are basically like sisters.  There could not be a trip home without them getting together. By the time we got home, it was time for bed. I think I was asleep in 5 minutes.

Thursday was another dinner out. Allyson wanted to go to one of the restaurants near home so off we went.  We were home and in bed by 9:00.  She was catching her flight at 6:45 AM and Dan was driving her so we had to make it an early night.  Again, I was asleep before 9:30.

Today I plan on picking up dinner on my way home and enjoying a nice quiet night at home.  The only thing I want to do is sit with some wine and getting lost in my book for the night.

With all the sleep I have been getting, my dreams have been CRAZY. The are abstract, intense and bizarre~ like dreaming in 3D.  I will have 2 or 3 a night and wake up after each one.  That does not make for a restful sleep.  This could be part of my problem.

This weekend I will be getting back to meal planning since things will be back to normal.  I miss my morning sweet potato and eggs.

 I pulled my lower back AGAIN this morning picking a sock up off the floor…. I starts to feel better, plan my workouts for the weekend then BAM! I screw it up again. It’s the muscle along the spine closest to the tail bone. Sitting is NOT comfortable. I will be honest that I am afraid to move! I am walking around like a 90 year old woman today. Because of all the running around I have been doing, I am behind on my yoga challenge but WILL catch up again this weekend. Yoga seams to be the only thing I am not afraid to do because it is not any sudden movement.

Oh – I almost forgot. You may have seen my Facebook and Twitter updates.  Or you noticed the change in my blog name. I am switching this little old blog over to WordPress finally! It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now.  I have been squeezing that in on what little down time I have but it is not quite ready so that is why I am blogging here today.  I am having issues with understanding how to move over all the old blog posts.  Dan is going to help me with that hopefully this weekend.  I have read many tutorials on the matter and it sounds so easy but when I go to do it, I am totally lost.  He is better at the code stuff then I am anyway.  I will learn though.

So, that is my week.  All food, no exercise and an hour taken away that always screws me up the first week.

How to you get your head back into your workout routines after an injury?
Any insider tips from you WordPress users out there?


6 thoughts on “I’m still here – I promise!

  1. Your daughter is the spitting image of you! Glad you could enjoy some time with her.

    I am happy you are moving over to wordpress but can't help with the fancy schmancy techy stuff.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope your back feels better soon! I don't much about blogging as I am rather new to it!! Glad you could enjoy some QT !! Btw, I grew up north of Philly and now i live out of state and I miss Philly Cheesesteaks!! Good luck with the blog switching!!

  3. Nice pics Mary. I use a Chiropractor to keep my back aligned, since I was injured in a car accident over 20 years ago. Take care…let us know how that WordPress blog works out, I have issues with Blogger. Ciao, Elle Kynzer

    • Hi Elle, I am excited to use WordPress. Blogger kept switching me to no-reply randomly and now it only works correctly on Chrome which does not always work on my computer so it was time to change. I was wanting to change for over a year now. It was too frustrating at times.

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