It’s Lent already?

Howdy peeps and Happy Hump Day!  Today has been one of those days.  Sitting at my desk is literally giving me a pain in the back side. The lower back/hip area is annoying the crap out of me.  Just when I think it’s feeling better, I do something to make it remind that it’s angry. Anyway, I am taking time today to get a mid-day stretch session in at work. 

Happy beginning of Lent to all my catholic friends reading this. Even though I am Presbyterian now, I always looked forward to Ash Wednesday.  I remember my dad burning the old palms in the a can in the back yard to make the ashes for one of the nursing home his sister (who is a nun) was associated with.  You needed just enough water so it was not to wet or too dry. Then there is the challenge of giving something up for the Lenten season.  When I was little and going to catholic school, I do not exactly remember what I would give up other then meat on Fridays. I am sure it was always something like “trying not to fight with my brother” because that was my fall back “sin” in elementary school…I used it in confession too. I do not always keep the Lent tradition anymore.  This year as part of my self challenge, I decided to give up beer since it makes me bloated.  Then, I thought about it and I really only drink beer on the weekends. So, I am not saying I will cut it out completely (I might really want one after a long day a at work) but on the weekends, it’s definitely out.  I can do this… I really don’t have anything else to give up.  My diet is limited enough as it is!

Do you give up something for Lent?
What is your favorite lower back/hip area stretch?


6 thoughts on “It’s Lent already?

  1. Well, just on the weekends since that's when tend to have more. Someone asked me if I was including Friday as part of the weekend because technically, it's a week day – LOL Yes, I am….

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