Random thoughts of yoga & Mad Men

Happy March everyone!
This weekend ended up being low key. All of my plans changed so Dan and I made last minute plans to have dinner with his mom and step dad on Saturday night. We have not seen them in a while so it was nice catching up. 
Sunday was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry and getting lost in my book for many many hours while Dan made a big pot of chili for us to eat this week. He nailed it by the way! Yum! 
We were supposed to get a big snow storm today but thankfully we scrapped by with a dusting. 
My back started feeling better by yesterday. However, I had to make a sudden reach for Greta this morning and made it worse again- UGH! I am taking it easy but not faltering on the yoga challenge I joined on Instagram. Thank God for modifications! 

Check out #sweathappywithyoga hosted by fellow @imfitpossible ambassador Kim @busybodblog, @paigepodbelsek and @erin_thealmondeater. There is plenty of time to join if you want to play along! 
I just found out that Mad Men is not premiering until April 13th.  I am going to have to add the last season in to the House of Cards viewing rotation. I seriously can not wait for the new season! Every place I look, I am seeing things that are very “Mad Men-esque”.  From this post about Dapper Day @ Disney theme parks to this Huffington Post article about why cocktail parties should make a comeback (they totally should!), I have an urge to got to modcloth.com, buy a fit and flare dress and park myself in your living room with a vodka gimlet in my hand. 
Do you watch Mad Men?
Are you doing the yoga challenge with me?

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