Springspiration Challenge – week 1 recap

How are my peeps doing this last cold day of February?

I am excited to start my 8 week Springspiration self challenge! I started off this Sunday with a bunch of food prep which included home made fish cakes (mainly white fish, potato and breadcrumbs) that I baked instead of frying. I cooked up a bunch of chicken, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, chopped up veggie salad fixings ( ok Dan helped with this part ) and thawed shrimp. This week is mostly salads for lunch and dinner but we have enough options to keep us from getting bored.

                                      spring mix, chicken, avocado, squash, almonds, craisins- oh my!
As for workouts:

Monday:  Cardio – I took advantage of the sun setting later and made it to the lake for a quick run before the park closed.  I was hoping the snow on the trail along the water would have melted but I was wrong.  Without my Yaktrax, I would not have gotten very far.  So, I opted for a road run instead of going home. It was so cold (31*F) and very windy (probably it is the coldest I have ever run in)  I only had my long sleeve Swirlgear long sleeve top, a thin black hoodie and my long running pants. I could have used a hat or something to blog the wind from my ears but it was not too bad. The shirt has really long sleeves so I was happy for that as I was able to keep my hands covered up and warm.  I did not go very far since I only ran 20 minutes and I am not sure what the rules for “park closes at sunset” actually means… is that when the sun goes behind the trees or completely set? I really don’t know. Anyway, all I cared about when I woke up was that I NEEDED to run again. This weather has been brutal and I was craving movement.  It felt great to be out there and I cannot wait to do it again!


Tuesday life got in the way with staying later at work so I had this great plan to wake up early on Wednesday morning to get my strength training in.  Then I planned on coming home and doing some form of cardio.   Well, I am proud to say I woke up early!  However, within 5-10 minutes, I strained a muscle in my very lower back. Stupid me – I should not have rushed through my warm up.  I should have stopped when I first felt the twang start.   The pain is not tooooo bad~ just uncomfortable at this point. It only hurts when I need to bend forward.  The Icy/Hot patches really help. So, needless to say, I have been sticking to only certain yoga moves for 15-20 twice a day focusing on stretching out back back and legs.  I really hope it’s better in the next few days so that I can get back to business.  I am not letting this minor set back keep me down!

This weekend Dan and I are going to an Outdoors Expo.  I am really looking forward to it!  I think the walking will do me good.

Have a great weekend everyone! Do you have big plans going on?


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