FDA says what?

Ok so I need to get this out… The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is all over the news this morning.  There are several articles that blew my mind.  However, I am only addressing two. Now, please understand these are my own opinions and I hope you will respect that.

I came across this article about hundreds of FDA approved foods having a potentially hazardous industrial chemical (Azodicarbonamide, also known as ADA) as part of it’s ingredients. ADA is found as an ingredient in breads, bagels, tortillas, hamburger and hot dog buns, pizza, pastries, and other food products. Oh, in other forms, it’s also part of what makes up your yoga mat and other plastics you use. ADA is a flour bleaching agent and oxidizing agent in dough to improve it’s performance for the bakers.  In other words, it make’s the dough product prettier and more appealing.  Even foods labeled as “healthy” are not safe. If you have been following this story, it first came out that Subway used this ingredient in their bread and everyone was like, “That’s nasty! I am never eating at subway again!’ Subway listened and is taking it out of their bread making process.  Very noble of them! Don’t complain when their bread just isn’t the same as it used to be.
But really people… have you ever read the ingredients in your pre-packaged foods? After complaining about Subway, did you read the ingredients in your bread sitting on your kitchen counter? If it’s not an ingredient that you can recognized in it’s whole state, it’s been altered in one way or another.  I am no scientist or nutritionist and I speak to you plainly.  Chemicals are in a hell of a lot more foods then you think. Did you know what the FDA deems as safe for human consumption is banned from foods in other countries?  ADA is on that list… This is why you need to read your labels!

Now, speaking of reading labels…

The FDA is proposing two things: to change the way package labels are printed and also change serving sizes.  The labels are (by law) supposed to reflect how the food is eaten not how it should be eaten. And since us Americans are overall fat and eat supersized portions at almost every meal, the portion size will go up on most products.  The very beginning of the article is quoted as follows,

“A 20-ounce soft drink would now be a single serving, and so would a whole cup of ice cream, under a major revamp of the familiar food label being released Thursday.”

Yogurt on the other hand is going down from 8oz per serving to 6oz because that is really what most people eat at one time. How messed up is that?

Also the labels would be changed so that it’s easier for people to read putting the emphasis on the serving/calories per container instead of per serving ( considering the failing education of our youth, having to do the math is too much to ask for )

Now to make it even easier- what if it’s a large package? You can’t eat it all in one sitting so this is for you:
“For certain packages that are larger and could be consumed in one sitting or multiple sittings, manufacturers would have to provide ‘dual column’ labels to indicate both ‘per serving’ and ‘per package’ calories and nutrient information,”

The way of thinking of what makes us fat has changed.  Not all fats are bad. Some vitamins like A & B are not as important anymore… SO that part will change too. Emphasis will be put on what is important (says the FDA): added sugar, vitamin D and potassium   This is all in part with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  I think this is a GREAT campaign and the web site is very informative.  They are trying to make it easier for parents to walk into a food store, look at the label and see if they are making a healthy choice for their family. That is great! I don’t have a problem with that. 

I am really not sure where my mind it going with this… part of me wants to scream. The country has an obesity problem.  One reason for this, in my opinion, is with the over sized portions.  Slapping a label on something and increasing the serving size is like the government saying, “LOOK! It’s ok to stuff your face with this chemical laden, artery clogging, diabetic inducing food!” doing it with a big charming smile, a gleam in their eye and Monsanto hovering with a whip behind them. Just because “we” have made it a habit of eating this way DOES NOT MAKE IT THE RIGHT WAY!  Now, I know I am not perfect~ far from it.  I still eat my Ramon Noodles from time to time.  I eat carbs and buffalo wings.  You will find white sugar and flour in my house too.  But we need to learn how to make the healthy choices.  People need to be educated about they foods they choose to eat. You can still have your cake and eat it too ~ just not in one sitting!


4 thoughts on “FDA says what?

  1. this is so interesting! i definitely went and re-checked the label on my rudi's bagels, even though i was pretty certain they were “safe” there's a great picture going around that has the tag line “there are too many people counting calories, not enough people counting chemicals” and i couldn't agree more. could you provide a link for the second article? i'd love to read it in its entirety.

  2. Ugh. I've had many many rants and disgusted outburst in my kitchen re: #1. I've lived and traveled abroad extensively, and I don't understand why our country is setting food standards that are so far below what our other industrialized counterparts will accept. It's maddening and sickening and ARGH!!!!!!!!! It makes me want to scream. The only way I've found to combat it is to pretty much make EVERYTHING from scratch. However, even “raw” ingredients contain this garbage!

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