I am Fierce- hear me ROAR

Hello peeps! Happy Thursday! I can not get over that fact that even with all the snow and dreary days we have had the past month or more, next week is the end of February. 

It was almost 4 weeks ago that I decided to cut ties with MFP for a month and see how I did with not counting calories.  Feb. 1st was my last day logging on.  I checked my stats today and I have lost 2 pounds of the holiday weight and 1/2″ is gone (again) from my waist.  Not bad for hardly working out. I haven’t done anything differently when it comes to eating. I am listening to my body, eating when I am hungry ( typically 6x a day) and making healthy choices as much as possible (80/20).  I am really happy about this progress and do not plan on going back to MFP except maybe to remind myself where I started ( I shiver at the thought ).

Yesterday, I decided it was time to put a plan into play. I did a bunch of challenges last year ranging from eating healthy to workouts to general wellness.  I want to take what I learned from each of them and reincorporate some of these things back into my life.  For example, a couple months ago I stopped drinking my lemon water in the morning. Why? Because I didn’t feel like cutting the lemon. Not anymore. I love my lemon water and started today to make it habit again. And how about taking time out for myself during the day?  Remember the crazy plank a day challenge that I used to complete hiding in the work stairway? I need to bring that back – if not planking then maybe stretching or just sitting with my eyes closed for 10 minutes to re-energize.

I figured out that this Sunday marks 8 full weeks until Easter Sunday.  I mapped out a plan starting with food prep on Sunday, a workout schedule and planned rest days. It will also include weekly mini challenges that would incorporate some of those broken habits. 

My main goal? I would love to drop up to an inch in waist/hips and 10 pounds.  That will leave me 9 pounds shy of my goal weight. This plan is still a work in progress and I will be adding things to this plan as I go.  After all, it needs to be challenging but still allow some flexibility.

I keep my word of the year in my mind and that is what is pushing me to get my butt in gear, find my mojo and be FIERCE! So, here I go… hear me roar!

Do you have any mini challenge ideas that you have added to your daily or weekly routine? Please share if you do. I would love to hear them.  After all, I have 8 weeks to fill!


6 thoughts on “I am Fierce- hear me ROAR

  1. You inspired a challenge in me with a recent post: when I catch myself complaining about something, I instantly try to see the positive in it. And even if the negative thing wasn't spoken out loud and just thought of in my head, I actually say the positive thing out loud (as long as the place is appropriate and I won't seem like a crazy person).
    So not fitness related, but a challenge for me nonetheless. 🙂

  2. Counting calories helped me gain control over my eating by teaching me portion control and reading labels. But after 2 years it was more habit then anything since I had the eating thing down. I no longer by processed foods so there aren't many labels to worry about anymore either! I agree that intuitive eating is the best way to go. So far so good!

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