Let me tell you about a brand named Swirlgear

Let me tell you how happy I am that it’s a new week! Last week officially nailed the last door shut sealing in my cabin fever.  It started out with snow early Monday morning and Dan traveling to Cincinnati with work.  He was supposed to come home Thursday.  That flight was cancelled due to the nor’easter dumping 12+ inches of MORE snow in Philly. Friday’s flights cancelled due to snow in Cincinnati. So he ended up driving home instead all while racing the storm to see who would get to eastern PA first.  The storm won arriving just a couple of hours before Dan did on Saturday afternoon.  I was SO happy to have him home. I basically worked, shoveled and read my book all week and I was getting a little bored.  It’s always nice to have some quiet time but I am not used to a whole week of it.  On the bright side, I figure I had around 7-8 total hours of strength and cardio  this week thanks to shoveling plus a few yoga sessions to stretch out the sore muscles.

One fun thing that did happen last week as that I became a Swirlgear brand ambassador! If you are not familiar with this company, here is a brief mission statement directly from their website:

“Our mission here at Swirlgear is to become the women’s running apparel brand of choice while also celebrating the strength, style and spirit of real women runners!”

Swirlgear a newer company completely owned and operated by women ( located in Chicago ). I am really excited to be a part of this growing company!  Their clothing is made to be functional and fashionable running gear for women. They just happened to launch a new line on Friday evening. One of the new items that I am obsessing over is this pair of running capris:

Aren’t they the cutest??

I have my eyes set on this plus a few other items for spring and summer. Go on over and check out Swirlgear.com and see for yourself! When you place an order, use the code swirlon (entered at online checkout) to receive free ground shipping on your purchase!

One more thing before I go… I want to give a shout out to my daughter Allyson who is 19 today! Her last year as a teenager… 

Where has the time gone?

How are you coping with cabin fever this winter?

What did you think about the Swirlgear line? I am all about the pink and black!


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