The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

I’ve said it on here before, Dan and I don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day.  Sure, the first 5-6 years we would go out to dinner, buy each other gifts or sometimes he would send me flowers at work.  But with our Anniversary 1/28 and Allyson’s birthday 2/17, it just wasn’t that important a day to me. However ,there was one year that really sticks out in my mind as one of my favorites.  It wasn’t because it was V-day. It was because of all the thought that was put into my surprise.  Dan sent me on a scavenger hunt around the house!  He hid a small gift with every riddle that he wrote himself and I had to figure it out on my own. It was a lot of fun trying to figure it the answers. I remember there was a triangle shaped vase with lavender potpourri in it ( I still have the vase ), a wax tart burner, maybe one or two more items and two figurines of two bears in love.

I do not decorate with holiday or seasonal items but I do make an exception and put these little guys out every February. They remind me of when we were kids just starting out, baby in tow. I would not say things were simpler back then but it certainly was different for us. I would not trade it for anything! Dan is my best friend. It’s the little things like this that I love him for most.


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