Turning negatives into positives

Howdy peeps! I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday! I am feeling great today thank you for asking.   I have to tell you, January really sucked and I am SO happy that it is over.  The polar vortex that blew through for a few weeks caused damage to my garage floor also leaving cracks in the foundation and the wall in my bedroom which is just above the same area of the floor… a frost heave made everything shift up and crack. Here is a little sample of part of the damage.

We are hoping it’s not as bad as we originally thought.  We will start getting estimates to get it fixed in a few weeks.  Positive: Since the weather has “warmed up” the floor settled back down and we can at least lock the doors again.

Then, more snow and ice storms came though causing power outages ( Luckily I was not one of them ) but we gained a lot of damage to our pine trees.  Here is a glimpse into that situation:

You used to not be able to see light through the branches. The trees in the back look just as bad if not worse. Can you find Dan in the top picture? The limbs are still frozen and stuck in the ice covered snow so he cleaned up what he could. The rest will have to wait until spring. This is stressing me out to look at it but I will get through it.  I just won’t use this window to look out during my yoga sessions.  Positive: We now have less pruning to do in the spring.

I was also dealing with a lost return (a sweater I bought Dan for Christmas) for Eddie Bauer. It took over a month but they finally settled and gave me my refund.  That was SO frustrating but they were responsive to my follow up emails which I do appreciate. Positive: I was able to reorder the sweater in another color and Dan looks great in it!

As for exercise, besides shoveling every other day, I really have not done much of anything consistently.  This cold weather has been killing me.  My house is cold and I don’t feel like moving after dealing with the snow. I have to get back to it fast. We are talking about possibly taking a trip next month and I do not want to have any regrets in this department.  This trip will include a bathing suit, just saying.  Positive:  I now have a new goal to push towards!

I have not used MFP since January 31st. Positive: I re-lost the 1/2 inch in my waist that I gained over the holiday so that’s a plus!  I feel confident in my food choices so I thought I would disconnect from the app and try going without it. I still  have phantom urges to log in my meals and shoveling but resisted.

Having three people on our car insurance is a major drag. Positive:  I called our carrier today and knocked off $570 from our 6month payment just by mentioning Allyson goes to college so she is not driving much at all and I changed the account to paperless!  I was really happy about this!

One of the first trainers I started to follow through social media has fallen from grace in my eyes.  Although I love the workouts, their actions and that of some of the community suddenly felt to cult like and immature for me.  So, I decided to cut ties.  I removed the app from my phone, unfollowed on Twitter and removed 50 follows on Instagram.  I only kept the ones I still interact with – the ones that don’t only post photos for the trainers to see or misguided goals (like thigh gap obsession). I know it’s encouraged to post these pictures for motivation. I post them too. However, the community just isn’t for me anymore. This is a big positive!

So, here we are almost to the middle of February.  I am feeling less stressed.  I am looking forward to spring and being outside more. I look forward to putting the snow shovel away! I love being a part of I’m Fit Possible.  The ambassadors are inspiring and supportive. Have you checked out the Facebook page yet?  If not, I think you should hop on over and if you like what you see, give it a like!

Well, I have gone on long enough.  Thanks for listening!

Have you had any negative situations lately that you were able to turn into a positive?


11 thoughts on “Turning negatives into positives

  1. LOVE this post!! I try to turn my negatives into positives also. I think I've pretty much unfollowed the same cult leader. Crazy!! And so many people don't realize how cult-ish it really is!!

  2. This winter has been ROUGH! Sorry you are dealing with cracks in the foundation and walls! No fun!

    I am right there with you on the whole following people in the fitness industry with cult like and immature feelings. I have cut a lot of those ties myself in my personal growth journey and couldn't be any happier.

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