Hey! It’s Okay Thursday!

Howdy peeps!  I have a lot of things going on in my head again this week.  Between all the snow and making changes to better myself and overindulging in social media this week, it’s all kinds of crazy up in there.  So, I am going to try and sort some of it out in a post that I have not done in the while…

Hey! It’s okay Thursday!
Hey! It’s ok….
…to make changes to better yourself even if others may not agree or support it.
…to not tell anyone that those changes might be if you are not comfortable sharing just yet.
…to be more comfortable sharing with a bunch of strangers in a group because you know no one else will judge you.
…to not do your regular scheduled workouts in addition to shoveling snow and ice every other day especially when it takes an hour to clear your driveway.
…to surround yourself with positivity and shut out everyone and everything that is being negative.
…to disconnect from the world for a day.  Facebook and Instagram will still be there tomorrow.
…to make a decision based on what your gut it telling you. It’s your soul trying to tell you something and we should learn to listen to it more often.

Now, in case you are thinking I am having a bad day or a breakdown or something, I am OKAY.  These are feelings I am either personally experiencing this week or have reflected on what I observed through social media and felt compelled to share with you all. The point of this exercise is to get it all out of my head quickly and be to the point. 
Did any of this speak to you? If so,  I have done my job for the day and I am happy.



9 thoughts on “Hey! It’s Okay Thursday!

  1. Hi, “better than okay” Mary !!

    Your post is so much better than okay, it really touches my soul. I appreciate your thoughts and they remind me that it's so very important to give ourselves compassion.

    It's okay . . . to have compassion for oneself, be kind and nurturing.
    it's okay . . . to fear the unknown, while moving towards our goals.

    it's okay. 🙂

    Thank you Mary.

  2. PS –

    it's okay . . . to comment with much passion and gratitude on a post and not know exactly how to add one's name.
    it's okay . . . to submit one's comment and figure things out as you go along. 🙂

    🙂 Tanya

  3. I love all of this! It's amazing how when you try to better yourself others always have something to say. It's no ones business but your own and people forget that. Do you my friend!

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